Let’s Talk Plans – Day 2 of The Content Challenge

What is the plan for the Content Challenge?

Welcome back to day 2! I had initially planned to continue working on my original post as day 2, but I have so much to write about that isn’t really related to day 1 post, that I thought it would be better to just start a new post for today.

I know there is merit in creating a plan for your content and that is something that I will work on in this post. I also know that I am not going to have the time to finish such a big post today. So please bear with me on this one. It may take a number of days to complete this article, but I swear, it will be worth it!


How would you like some free resources to assist you in your content planning?

I am thinking I will provide:

1. template for a content calendar

2. A planning matrix

3. A content ideas swipe file

If there is something else that you think you would like to have included as a resource, please let me know.


I am very short on time today, so this is all I have. I will be adding more to this post very soon!




Angie Neal


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