Do You Need Facebook Ads?

Facebook is already the biggest social media platform with over a billion users daily. From that alone, you should be excited about the massive returns coming your way if you were to invest. Facebook advertisements help many businesses acquire new customers and build better brand awareness.

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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are the perfect way to teach your audience that they need your product or service. It is a great way to develop brand awareness and bring new people to your website. 

Why you need Facebook Ads?

Facebook has a diverse audience

A big advantage of Facebook is you can pick out the specific type of audience you want. Almost everyone has a Facebook account so it is easy to filter those you want. You can advertise to people by age, interests, and location; depending on what you’re looking for.

Facebook Ads are cheap and affordable

Unlike other forms of advertising, Facebook is reasonably cheap. It is cheap to a point that you can lower your cost per acquisition. You can spend around 5 dollars and still be able to reach hundreds or thousands of clicks. This is because Facebook’s CTR (Click-through-rate) steadily increases due to improved advertising tools.

Facebook Ads are more effective than organic posts

Organic posts are basically when you don’t pay for your advertisement, it’s almost like you’re just posting on Facebook. This is not the right strategy as there is no option to boost your post and it may take a long time before it reaches an audience.

Facebook Ads increases interaction

Facebook Ads will increase word of mouth and referrals because your post can go viral. If people are interested in your business, they are likely to share it with friends and family. The ads will also allow you to remarket to people with whom you’ve already interacted.

Facebook Ads will help you find new leads

As mentioned earlier, the diversity of Facebook allows you to pick your target audience and they will be filtered for you. Another feature of Facebook is “lookalike audiences” that allows you to find similar people with the ones you’ve chosen. Finding new leads will also expand you into new markets.


The best practices of Facebook Ads

Small businesses often use PPC Ads to drive traffic to their website. 






​What do our clients say about us​

We had a really great experience with Angie. She has built 2 sites for us and we were so happy with the quality, timeliness and price we have moved all our work over to her. We were overcharged by a previous web designer who gave us site full of broken English. It was obvious it had been build by overseas cheap Labor but the bill was like MIT grads had built it. Angie, is honest, ethical and fair.

David Bradford

Angie is amazing. She has helped my business threefold. Why spend a week trying to work out how to do something, getting frustrated along the way, when Angie can do in a few minutes. Do what your best at and leave the digital marketing to the professionals. Thank you so much Angie and your amazing team.

Debbie Haworth

Our website is amazing and its all because of Angie at PurpleCow. She worked extremely hard at delivering exactly what we required in a limited time frame. She was always available by phone and would respond to email enquiries every day. I would highly recommend Purple Cow 🙂

Suzanna Luketic

I had a really poor experience with my last web designer. I advertised online and Angie Neal responded. Not only was she able to fix the issues created by the other provider, but Angie has gone on to create another two sites for me. She’s also designed numerous landing pages too. I’ve included PurpleCow Digital in my preferred supplier page on my website – I think that tells all doesn’t it?

Bob Aldons

As a business, finally we feel safe to leave the website and digital marketing to a reliable company —PurpleCow. We have tried few digital marketing companies before with bad experience. So we r very cautious now. Angie is very helpful and knowledgeable about the work she is doing. Her team is very efficient to get the work done and greatly improve our online brand. They are very trustworthy and we recommend them to our friends and clients too.

Jasmine Xie

I am very happy with our website, it was designed as per our brief and delivered on all our expectations. It is interactive, user-friendly and links seamlessly to our class booking system. We love our website !!

Liza David

Handball Queensland has used Angie and PurpleCow on a number of occasions to design marketing material for our events. She has always delivered a quality product on time and cost-effectively. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!

David Gardner

I called Angie for help after another firm left us high and dry. Angie was able to guide us through the disastrous situation and has turned around the mess the last company left us with. She has been ever so patient, with valuable input and suggestions and professional and clear communication at all times.

From dealing with a company where we got no structure to then dealing with Angie at PurpleCow who got us wireframes, who clearly set our the process and what we would expect was just fantastic and made the process easier than we could ever have imagined.

I couldn’t recommend Angie and the team more highly.

Sara Birtwhistle

PurpleCow digital marketing deliver! Great team, easy to work with, producing quality outcomes. Not just a web developer either. PurpleCow helped us build a niche marketing solution for print and digital media.

Jon Charles

PurpleCow digital marketing is an exceptional business that provides holistic marketing strategies and support. We had an awful experience with another provider and Angie and her team were able to clearly identify solutions in just one day when previously we had waited months and still had no resolution. Angie is highly skilled and honest, she provides realistic appraisals of the work required and her ability to undertake it.

Sam Wharemate

Angie is a very supportive web manager, who will assist a client to have a professional site that they can be proud of and reflects the message they want to convey. Angie constantly works on her own professional development so that she can offer her clients the latest innovations in web design. This gives clients value for money and a return on investment.

Brendan Watson

Beautiful Work. Thank you. Nekia Mum’s Mini Masterpieces ☺

Nekia Neal


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