Introducing LeadKlozer – The First CRM for Social Media Leads


LeadKlozer - CRM for Social

LeadKlozer is the industry’s first and only social media crm, engagement and conversation tool. It has great features for live tracking, prioritizing and responding to leads in one place. Take your Facebook marketing to the next level and don’t miss important leads and connections. 

If you are working on improving your social media marketing, you will find it very helpful to use a tool like LeadKlozer.  Being able to maximize social media presence in minimum time is more important than ever. Business owners are very busy and really need to focus on business and not spending hours trying to stay connected to their audience. 

We often find keeping up with notifications (or lack of) from Facebook is a real issue. We will be running ads and are missing opportunities to engage with potential clients.

Inviting people to like our Facebook page when they interact with posts is a breeze now too. leadklozer is the missing tool and conversation bridge between businesses and Facebook users.

The team behind leadklozer are very responsive with support and have a great vision for the business with what they will be bringing to the table in the future.


Live Tracker

Live Tracker works as a real time engagement inbox. It is a great place to reply and monitor all your Facebook posts, messages, intereactions etc. 

Live Tracker Columns

My go-to area! Everyday I head to the Live Tracker columns to check the activity. This Sort the best place to sort and track activity in the account.

Post/Ad Tracker

The Post/Ad Tracker is where you can see the  most engaging posts/ads over any period of time. It is another place where you can directly interact with the comments/likes etc on your posts. 

Smart Search

Smart search is basically an advanced search engine for the platform. You can use many different parameters to search the leads.

Today’s Recommended Leads

Here you will find an instant recommendation based on the learning of the leads interacting with your brand. 

Today’s Recommended Customers

Her you can instantly see your most engaged cutomers.

Contact Profiles

Here you can continue to add info to your leads. It allows you to build a full profile and further develop the relationship.

Smart Schedules

Smart Schedules will help you to put an automation and followup system in place. This ensures no prospects will fall through the cracks.

Daily Goals

The Daily Goals section is an automated way for you to track and review your follow-up performance. You are able to put strategies into place to make sure LeadKlozer is working hard for you every day.

Smart Facebook Inboxes

Internal ranking, tracking and lead development mean you will be better able to interact with your prospects.

Smart Score

Smart Score is an automatic lead prioritization system for your contacts based on LeadKlozer’s own algorithm. At a glace you will be ablt to see how much interaction a lead has had with your business. 


Here you can save templates of scripts and replies to send to your leads. 


Tags enable you to easily segment and target leads and be able to really hone down on and personalise the message you send to any lead.


Use Stages to categorise and track leads flowing through a funnel. 


Leads can be tagged with products they have already bought so now we can cross sell. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep, LeadKlozer allows you to import via CSV. 

Zapier integration will be available very soon.

Yes and soon sub accounts will be available soon too.

Yes and soon sub accounts will be available soon too.

LeadKlozer is fully integrated with Facebook right now. Linkedin, Instagram and other social media platforms are coming very soon. 

  1. Facebook Page Posts - Comments, Replies, Reactions
  2. Facebook Page Ads - Comments, Replies, Reactions, Lead Ad Forms, Message Ads
  3. Facebook Page Inbox and Chatbots - All Conversations

Unfortunately, Facebook groups are not part of the API (data pipeline) from Facebook that is available for any third-party app developer.

This is coming soon.

LeadKlozer Lifetime Deal

leadklozer is currently running a Lifetime Deal (LTD) with Pitchground. These are a limited pay once deal and are amazing value. Starting at $59 it is really a ‘no-brainer’. 

Our Thoughts on LeadKlozer

“I am thrilled about using leadklozer with my agency. Not only does it completely remove a major pain point of missing leads all over the place, but it makes it super easy to stay organized, waste so much less time and show my clients what I am accomplishing for them with such greater detail. I hope not too many other agencies start using it because I’d like to keep the competitive advantage for myself. Ha Ha! 😂😍”

  • Live Tracker columns keeps all my engagements organized across all my pages the way I want to see them
  • Post/Ad Tracker s the best way to see my most popular posts and ads at a glance
  • Smart Search is a great way to find the exact leads I’m looking for
  • I wish it worked with Facebook groups, but I not that’s not part of the API from Facebook
  • Would love to be able to use with Instagram, but I think that is coming
  • Really looking forward to the sub-accounts for my business, can’t come soon enough!

LeadKlozer Plans

Starting at $29.99 per month, leadklozer is very affordable for businesses. This level includes:

  • 1 Facebook Page
  • 1 Admin
  • 15k Contacts
  • Live Tracker,
  • Smart Search
  • Lead Analytics
  • Lead Scoring
  • Auto Goal tracking
  • Post / Ad tracker
  • Email support
  • Training Centre 
  • Plus more

It only takes one solid lead to well and truly pay for the software each month. 

There are two higher levels that include a great deal more and up to 60K contacts. 

The roadmap includes Zapier and other intergrations as well as opening up to other social media platforms such as Linkedin etc. 

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