What do you know about Google My Business – Start one today

Google My Business is an online tool to help customers find local businesses near them. In a word – you should be there and get listed too. It’s one of the greatest SEO factors to consider if you want your customers to find you in search engines.

When a customer searches for a company with a keyword like “restaurants near me,” Google will provide a results box with all restos and their info such as location, opening hours, photos, and reviews from other customers.

Take note that all other competitor business will fill in their Google Business spot, too. So, how can you stay ahead of the competition?

Tips to improve your Google Listing

Have you claimed your Google My Business listing yet? Well, you should. That’s the first step in improving your business’ seo. If you want to know more about optimizing your GMB, here’s how:

Complete, accurate description of your company

Claim a listing with your business on it. Choose the correct category for your company and add as much information about your business. Remember, you can add your phone number, opening times, and services provided.

Add photos

Adding photos is a great way to boost the credibility of your business. How can visitors trust you if they can’t see your products, team, or venue? Optimize the images’ name with appropriate keywords and alt name txt to it, too.

Write short posts

Google My Business adds a short post where businesses can write down everything about their companies. Regular postings about your business will let people see that you’re active enough to care about their concerns. Remember to add relevant keywords to the posts too!

Welcome reviews

Let customers leave reviews about your business. Even if it’s a bad one, always respond to them that you’re going to do better next time. Google loves a business with good reviews. Don’t you know why? They rank higher.

Provide FAQ

Provide questions for your business so that customers will have an idea of how your company runs. You can even answer your visitors’ questions by providing details about the business. Fast replies are often seen as a good sign according to the customers.

factors that determine Google My Business rankings

Although seo plays a huge role in getting you ranked higher, these factors play a huge role when customers are trying to search for you.



It’s simple: You rank higher in search engines if the customer is close by. Google uses the location and to present the nearest business for the client. Distance is a vital factor for ranking businesses. So, you can’t rank higher in a Redcliffe search if you live in Perth. Sure your seo efforts may help, but Google still prioritizes distance factor.


Another ranking factor in Google My Business is relevance. If a person searches for “Pet Store,” then your dental business surely has little chance to rank higher. It has to match with the searcher’s need and Google’s algorithm will do the thinking for that.


Activity is all about the events or occurrences happening in your listing. It can be reviews, short posts, or posted photos you did or from your customers. When Google sees enough activity, it’ll rank that listing higher. Popularity is enough for Google to read through the index. Who loves a listing with dead content, anyway?

Relationship between search engines and local business directories

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