How to Include AI in Your Content without Harming Your Site

Businessperson using a smartphone with a digital illustration of a circuit board brain above it, symbolizing artificial intelligence or smart technology concepts.

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Can including AI in your content help your site to perform better? Yes, it can, but you must be mindful of how you do it.

We know that most of you think the word mindful does not relate to digital marketing. Should it? Yes, it should.

Here at Purple Cow Digital Marketing, we recognise that AI has a role to play on some websites and platforms. However, it does not work well on all websites.

For instance, if you run a medical site, think twice about adding AI content.

If you use it correctly, AI can be useful. But there is a problem: you should not let AI content dominate your website.

It’s time we found out more about how you can use AI content in the best way.

1. Set Your Goals

Before you start, you must clearly understand why you use AI and what you aim to achieve.

Also, does it fit in with your business? If you sell health-based products, it is essential to understand that AI facts are only sometimes correct. Before you post your content, ensure it sounds okay, and all the facts are accurate.

When you run a site that is perhaps more focused on entertainment, you can worry less about how you use AI content. However, you should not overuse AI content.

There is a fine line between too much and just enough. In general, your site should have no more than 25% AI-generated content—preferably less.

2. Keep An Eye On the Content

If someone else posts your content or generates it for you, keep an eye on it.

You don’t want your site to accidentally contain a lot of AI-generated content. Also, are you paying for AI content or human-created content?

3. Quality Matters

Even though you use AI content and trust your source, you should check it occasionally.

Let’s say you run an astrology blog. Check and make sure your AI tool or editor does not mix up star sign attributes. You want your visitors to come back, and for this to happen, they must trust the content on your site.

Many people take their horoscopes or star sign qualities seriously.

4. Understand Your Generator

Do you know what you can expect from your generator? It is great to get cheap content, but do you know where your AI generator gets the content from?

AI does not create new content. It often rehashes content from the sites it sourced from.

Before you copy and paste into a document to post on your site, check the sources. If you don’t trust the source, your readers will likely not trust you.

5. Don’t Forget About SEO!

Is AI an SEO expert? SEO is something other than something AI is good at.

This is where editing comes in. Once you have your text, you must review it and ensure the relevant keywords are included.

Don’t forget to add long-tail keywords; they are great for link management between content on your site.

6. Customise Content

Spend time reading through the content.

Is this the sort of content visitors expect to find on your site? You should scrap it when you don’t think the content will generate visitors or make them stay to buy something.

All of the content on your site, AI or not, should serve a purpose and be valuable to the visitor. That is how you become an authority in your niche.

7. How’s Your Content Performing?

If your content is not improving your SERPS results, you are back to square one and must start again.

When you notice this happening in your niche, it could be an indication that you have too much AI content on your site. It could also mean that your particular niche and AI content are not a good match.

In that case, go back to human-generated content by a professional content writer.

8. Stay on Point

Don’t let AI distract you.

What you publish on your site must be in line with its message. If your site is about astrology, don’t get distracted if AI throws up an unexpected topic in a text it has generated.

If you are running a horoscope site, don’t suddenly start writing about cookware.

Sometimes, when you read through AI-generated content, you find the most surprising things. If it doesn’t belong on your site, edit the content and replace the removed part with something more relevant.

9. Different Formats

Don’t only use AI on your blog or regular content.

If you will use it, try adding it to other media, such as newsletters. Visitors and regular followers soon think your AI content is your “tone” or “voice.”

10. Keep Practising and Learning More

AI is still a relatively new concept. It is almost like a moving goalpost.

When you think you put the ball in the back of the net, it has moved on.

Take your time and learn how to use AI correctly on your site and platform.

One warning: if you publish content for link management on other sites, be aware they may not accept AI-generated content.

Standards vary from site to site. Make sure you are aware of what rules and standards apply.

Final Thoughts

AI is powerful, but don’t let it dominate or control what you do. Mix it in with human content and manage how much you use.

If you use too much, your site may just come across as spammy or too “wordy.” That could mean it performs less well. Subsequently, you risk losing visitors or not generating any new ones

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