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Local Service in a global market. A mutual love of design and technology was the building blocks of where we are today. 

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PurpleCow Digital Marketing is a full service agency located in beautiful Scarborough, Queensland Australia. We are passionate about helping businesses grow and scale their businesses. 

Why PurpleCow?

Many years ago I had an ‘aha’ moment while reading Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow. He claims you are either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice.

I decided I wanted to help other businesses to stand out, to be remarkable. To be the PurpleCow and not just the black or brown or white cow. Stand out in the paddock, and yes, that is why my email address is [email protected]

What is a Full Service Agency?

Further to my belief that digital visibility and being seen online is far more than a website design, far more than SEO, for more than digital marketing etc… I believe it is a holistic system. The website, SEO etc are just tools within the system. And the system is the doable things to get the ultimate result. What is the ultimate result? It is the increase in sales, the systematised growth and controlled scalability of a business. The only way to deliver the ultimate result, is to be able to deliver the whole system. 

We Are Results Focussed

ROI, ROI, ROI! It is all about the return on investment. We get just as excited as our clients to see continual growth and amazing results. But above all, our commitment to our clients is to deliver outstanding ROI. We want to have a long term relationship with our clients and we are fully committed to delivering amazing results.

Signature Systems

Over the years we have refined our systems to determine the best strategy to get results quickly for our clients. We are in the process of delivering our Signature Systems for business owners that are committed to getting results. We don’t take every business on. When we take a client on, we are fully committed and need to know you are too. If you are interested in finding out more about our coming Signature Systems, you can register your interest here.

The Ways We Work

Ultimately there are 3 ways we can work with businesses.

  1. DFY  (Done for you) – PCDM will customise and execute a marketing campaign for you. Let us innovate and come up with the ideas and then do the work for you so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.
  2. DWY (Done With You) – PCDM will help build strategies and/or consult with you or your team to set you in the right direction for long term growth. Execution is not included.
  3. DIY (Do It Yourself) – We are putting together an entire course on how we help other clients using our Signature System frameworks that you can duplicate and do yourself.

Angie Neal

I live in beautiful Scarborough with my amazing hubby and three gorgeous daughters. I love our beach lifestyle and you will often find us at our second home, Scarborough Beach. Redcliffe Website Design at a personal level!  I genuinely want to see your business grow and get as excited as you to see you exceed your business goals.

PurpleCow has grown with me over the years. Originally offering just graphic and print design services back in 2008, I’ve grown to love the digital space and my focus on website design was the natural progression. My experience includes website design, corporate documentation, traditional & digital advertising, mobile & apps, user interface/experience, logo and branding, SEO and UX testing.

Lots of Happy Clients

Not only was Angie able to fix the issues created by the previous designer, but Angie has gone on to create another two sites for me.
We had a really great experience with PurpleCow digital marketing. Angie, is honest, ethical and fair.
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