How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

Let me explain how you can grow your business with email marketing. Of all the projected marketing methods, email marketing is seen to explode this year. It is expected to be bigger and more vital to the development of various businesses. Not to mention it is a great way to nurture and engage your prospects and create leads in your business.

There are a lot of digital marketing techniques; however, customers also prefer the intimacy, personalisation, and ease of email marketing. Here are some studies that were done by email automation site, AWeber.

Social proof that email marketing is a sure winner

According to the highly-sought email automation site, these are their findings when studying the online market these days:

  • A high rate of people opening emails. A whopping 90% of the working class opens their emails before going to work. Mondays around 7AM to 9AM is where they read emails the most.
  • 66% turned into buying customers. As a result of viewing brand emails, consumers made purchases of the companies’ products and services.
  • An ROI of 4300%. Who wouldn’t want to have such high ROI? Managing an online store can be costly. Good sales coming in can save that business of yours.
  • About 1/3 of customers prefers email. AWeber has seen that a huge amount of the online population prefers to have their communication, promos, and updates sent to their emails.
  • With Shopify, 38% signs up for promos. The popular e-commerce site, Shopify, reports that users are willing to trade their email addresses for information, promos, and discounts of products.

If you have not yet invested in email marketing, chances are, you’re losing money on the table. Still unconvinced? Here are more reasons we can give you.

  • Performs better than social media. While social media is the perfect channel to engage audiences, email marketing performs better in generating sales. A McKinsey and Company study shows that sending emails is 40 times effective than posting on social media.
  • SEO will take time. Organic searches from customers will take time. More so, climbing in search engine page ranks is becoming more difficult nowadays. With email marketing, you get to direct your campaigns personally to your customer’s inbox.

Now you’ve seen how email marketing works and why it’s a preferred marketing tactic for your business. So, how to grow YOUR business with email marketing?

Ways to grow your business with email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow a business. But, how can you use it to your advantage? Here are some awesome strategies you can use to leverage your campaigns.

1. Welcoming your new customers. To make it more personalized, sending a welcome email to your prospects will make them feel more welcome. You can even automate the message with their names on the header section.

2. Promote products and services. The focal point of email marketing is to promote your services and goods. Try telling them the benefits of your products and how it can impact their lives. Entice your prospects with an exclusive discount for signing up!

3. Make follow-up cards. Greeting cards like when have they started using the site, or when the last time they’ve visited your portal was is also one way to keep customer loyalty. If they haven’t made any purchases, you can offer them a discount.

4. Educate your customers about the industry. You can give blogs or links that address the issues of the industry or your business in that matter. For example, if you’re business deals with parenting, should your customers know about co-sleeping with a baby before they buy one? Will they subscribe to your services if it’s relevant to the current trends?

5. Send testimonials. People trust your business if there are other users who benefitted from your products or services. Sharing testimonials about your business can amp up credibility. You can always ask of them to review your goods if it pleases them that much.

6. Organize a contest. It can be anything – freebies, gift cards, cash, and more. Customers love contests especially those which they can one with a great prize.

7. Make a thank you gift. Always thank your customers for buying your products or availing your services! Your thank you email may also consist of loyalty discounts and other special promos.

Tips on how to make the most of your email marketing

Email marketing is an art one needs to understand and practice to get the most from it. Here, we’ll be sharing tips on how to boost your business with this kind of marketing method.

  • Vary your content. People will not like it when every single email marketing from you looks all the same. Subscribers might be bored out if you keep sending them the same promotional messages for the last two weeks.
  • Time your email and do it consistently. When will you send out your emails? Every three days? Every week? Or, every month? Sometimes, you need to give ample space for your users not to be annoyed with it or just enough that they won’t miss you.
  • Make signing up easy. Adding a call to action button at the end will prove to be easy for subscribers to act upon your content. Likewise, when building your subscription list, you can integrate a popup form where they sign up to subscribe for your email marketing schemes.
  • Segment your email lists. Segmenting email list is one thing you need to do to retain loyal customers. You can create a group for new subscribers and another one for long-time customers. Not only it’ll make your campaigns easier, but each type of customer can benefit from a campaign tailored just for him or her.
  • Respond to customer emails. When you send an email, expect that customers will ask questions about it. Always respond to it to build your credibility and trustworthiness.

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