Why Content Marketing For Healthcare Matters

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Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and retain website visitors. Most importantly, the content needs to be relevant. Also, it needs to be supplied or added to a website continuously.

Content marketing does not include one kind of content. If you are looking to make the most of content marketing, you should take advantage of a variety of content marketing methods.

Popular forms of content include blogs, videos, ebooks, newsletters and blogs. When it comes to content marketing for healthcare, infographics play a vital role

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Why Does Content Marketing For Healthcare Matter?

As we delve further into healthcare marketing, you quickly discover why healthcare content marketing matters. These are just some of the reasons:

● Used as an educational and informative tool, content marketing can provide useful information and insights on various health topics, such as prevention, diagnosis and treatments. Presented well, content marketing for healthcare answers frequently asked questions patients may have. By educating patients and users of healthcare services, you make patients feel empowered.

● Content healthcare marketing builds trust. This is a very important aspect of healthcare. When you create an atmosphere and environment which contributes to a trusting relationship, patients feel they are fully informed and commit more easily to treatments and remedies.

● Engaging with the patient is another important aspect of healthcare. By providing useful content on your website, you start to engage with the patient before you even meet them. This leads to a more nurturing and caring relationship. In the long run, it increases customer (patient) satisfaction and retention.

● The right and relevant healthcare content drives traffic to your website. There is no doubt about that. Don’t lose sight of the fact, there are several ways of driving traffic with content. That includes social media, newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Our aim is always to provide evidence-based healthcare information

How Do You Achieve Successful Content Marketing for Healthcare?

From the outset, it is important to appreciate that content marketing is not something that you can easily do yourself. Running a busy clinic and posting content on your site, social media or adding content to newsletters is an enormous task.

You can save both time and money by asking a digital marketing agency to help you. Our team here are PurpleCow Digital Marketing specialise in healthcare content marketing.

Knowing your target audience is important. When we say, we don’t mean that you physically know your target audience. What we mean is that we recognise who we should be targeting with our marketing efforts.

Healthcare marketers are often specialists in their field with past involvement working for healthcare companies. Ultimately, it is their experience with what sells and what is new that increases your ROI and generates leads.

Healthcare specialist content marketers often develop a strategy leading to a specific goal. They are often very factual and like using infographics to prove a point. Increasing awareness is an important part of healthcare marketing strategies.

What they do is very much focus on your brand, your specialty and if there is a condition that you are particularly interested in.

During this process, a healthcare content marketer works together with a digital marketing strategist. Together they identify trends and find out what will work for you. At no point does a medical marketing specialist share patient information.

Symptoms checkers are often used to drive traffic toward a site. These can form part of a content distribution plan. Perhaps your passion is back pain. In that case, you have just identified your target market – individuals experiencing back pain.

The First Steps to Better Content Marketing for Healthcare

Just like you as a healthcare professional, digital content marketing works in logical steps. This is a quick breakdown of the different steps:

● An audit provides a complete insight into the existing website or platform.

● Gap analysis identifies the needed or missing content relevant to the target audience.

● Create a schedule that provides both the website owner and the marketing agency with scheduling for the creation and distribution of content and possible promotions.

● Determining the tone of the website. The tone should be geared toward the target audience.

● What tools should we use? We identify what will work for you. Most of the time, a mix of promotional tools and graphic content works best. This can include videos, ebooks and newsletters.

● What action would you like a website visitor to take? We also identify what action you would like someone to take. Would you like them to call you or fill in a form? Taking action is an important part of healthcare marketing.

Clinical Analysis and Personal Care Plan

As a health professional, you probably depend on the results of treatments and remedies. The same goes for digital marketing.

Once we get going, we don’t sit back. We revisit the patient – your website or other platform – and check the results.

The number of visitors, search engine ranking and ROI are the key indicators of the health of your site. We take all of these into consideration when we do a check-up.

As with all things health, small tweaks and updates are important. We like to call this website management. It is not very different from managing a patient’s health.

PurpleCow Digital Marketing offers a full range of website care plans. When we have a chat, we help you to find the right care plan for you.


Healthcare content marketing is a strategy employed in the digital marketing sphere. It allows hospitals and healthcare professionals to interact with and instruct individuals utilizing online materials. The application of content marketing in healthcare is beneficial in elevating brand recognition, fostering patient involvement, and retaining patients.

Creating health content begins with comprehensive research, where I delve into reputable medical journals, studies, and other trusted sources to gather accurate, up-to-date information. Then, I translate this complex medical information into an easy-to-understand language, ensuring it's engaging, informative and geared towards the specific target audience, whether they're healthcare professionals or patients.

Healthcare content marketing should be utilized by various industries such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, private medical practices, health insurance companies, and medical equipment manufacturers. Additionally, wellness sectors including nutrition, fitness, mental health services, and alternative medicine practices can also benefit from using healthcare content marketing.


Healthcare content marketing is a strategic approach to increase website visitors, increase engagement and get more patients through your door.

Target marketing is an important part of that. Our team realises that all professions in healthcare have slightly different target markets.

Once we have identified your needs and goals, we spring into action and come up with what can only be called a prescription for your site or platform.

When you are ready to find out more about what PurpleCow Digital has to offer, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach us via our chat service or by filling in our contact form.

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