How To Engage With Your Audience

How To Engage With Your Audience

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We usually talk about how your website is something your audience, clients or users can be engaged in. Customer engagement is a huge factor but, what exactly are you offering them? We understand that you need to promote products and services, nonetheless, how can you catch their attention?

Blog Posts

According to Optinmonster, small businesses that have blog articles get 126% more leads and sales without one. You can provide important insights from the industry you’re in, tutorials, or infographics that serve as a trusted source for your customers.

Online Chatbox

A chat box in your webpage is an easy way for customers to engage with you. It is an essential tool where they can ask their questions and get answers in real time. They don’t need to wait for an email response or callback from you.

Offer Freebies

By offering freebies, you can generate leads and pique more interest from site visitors. Try offering a 7-day free service trial or an e-book. People are willing to give their email address in return for a freebie. By then, you can even turn them into paying customers.

Create a Survey, Quiz or a Poll

A poll will help you gain information of knowing what your customer’s needs. It will also act as feedback from site visitors where you can improve your site all the better. Quizzes are another thing you can add to people’s enjoyment. Get this: it will decrease the bounce rate!

Downloadable Media

No time for your visitors to read or engage with your site? You can have downloadable podcasts or videos your users can listen or watch later on – in exchange for their email address that is.

Presentations and SlideShares

People will look for a powerful presentation that piques their interest. They’ll read or download it for other purposes. To get your brand marked on every presentation you made, don’t forget to add your logo and website address.


Running a contest may seem daunting but it can’t be that hard. For example, you can offer the winner a three-month free trial of your service or a year’s worth of e-book freebies.


A screencast is a feature where you get to video record your screen for users. It’s very helpful for tutorials especially if you want to share some relevant information to them.

Build a Community

Not only users want to have a dialogue with your brand, they also want to connect with customers like themselves to know how they fare as well. You can try building a community through a forum, online discussion site, social media groups, and more. Even hosting an event online or offline will make your customers feel that they belong.

Connect with Social Media

Get them to connect with your social media channels where they can engage with your brand. Let them leave a comment or a reply to the post you shared.

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