12 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills in Your Office Now

Piggy bank and save money to utility bills

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Plenty of business owners will agree when we say it’s not easy as it seems to run a business, especially when it comes to how to reduce utility bills. If you want to know about cutting back costs, we have another guide here. For solely reference on how to reduce utility bills, you can refer to our mentioned tips here.

Switch electricity to reduce utility bills

How to reduce utility bills

It’s not as easy as it seems to run a business, especially when it comes to expenses. We’ve mentioned helpful tips for cutting back on utility bills.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

The first thing that will help you save on utility bills is using a programmable thermostat. Most thermostats allow you to set a temperature. With the advancement in technology, you can now get a programmable thermostat. It will allow you to set different temperatures throughout the day. For instance, you can have a temperature set for mornings and set a different temperature for the evening or weekends. This will help you reduce your utility bill.

Energy audit is essential

One of the best ways to reduce utility bills is by having an energy audit. For those who don’t know, it is an assessment of your current usage of energy. The professionals will even inform you on how to efficiently use energy and save money. Once the audit is over, you will know where you stand and the steps you need to take to lower your bill.

Introduce power save mode

Another wonderful way to decrease energy usage is through enabling power save mode on your electronic devices, monitors, and computers. This mode will put your devices in sleep mode when they are not in use. Moreover, you should remind all the employees to turn off the electronic devices before going home.

Upgrade your electronic devices

If you are using an outdated electronic device, it will demand a lot of energy; thus, increasing your energy bill. That is why you go for an energy-efficient device whenever you are replacing them. This will help in saving a lot of money.

Use daylight as much as possible

It is advised to use natural daylight during the daytime rather than powered lighting. This will reduce the utility cost and be beneficial for your employees as well. They will have higher levels of concentration along with improving their short-term memory. In addition, it will increase their productivity.

Clear out the vents

When the furniture or paper is blocking the air vents, it will use a lot of power to keep the space cold or hot. So, when you reduce utility bills, you must clear out the vents. It is better to inspect it regularly to keep it that way.

Use stairs instead of elevator

Having an elevator in your office is bad for the health of your employees and increase your energy cost. This is why when you are trying to reduce utility bills, you must encourage employees to take the stairs. In this way, they will improve their health.

Go paperless if you can

If you can use e-mail and cloud services, you’ll save more money from buying printers and papers. Going paperless saves electrical energy and resources that you would have spent for operational uses. Use a shared drive, label it properly, or open a management portal system.

Tap into renewable energy options

Solar energy and other renewable sources are options businesses can invest in for the long-run. Although panels, pumps, and other renewable energy sources are costly, it can reduce utility bills in the far future. Australia has various incentives for businesses promoting renewable energy like tax rebates, grants, and more.

Passive saving mode

There are eco-friendly or energy-saving measures you can practice in the office to cut business costs. These practices might be small in nature, but when compounded in the long run, it can save you enough money for more business opportunities. These are practices you can do:

Use tint in commercial windows or blackout curtains

Especially when you’re using air conditioners at the office. This blocks the heat affecting your workspace. When the room is too hot, your AC might work harder to reach that desired temp in the office. When it generates more power, well, so does, your utility bills.

Save electricity when not in use.

It’s pretty common – when the equipment is not in use, turn the power. But, know which equipment first! Some appliances generate lower power by keeping them on for the long run than turning it off and on.

Electricyt costs to reduce utility bills

Study shows –

A study by Make it Cheaper shows more than 22,000 business utility bills revealed that customers suffer by paying high bills after not comparing multiple retailer offers.  About 78% of small businesses want to switch to a cheaper energy option.

According to the site, small business owners could have saved an average of $1,101 annually by switching to an environmentally and power-saving mode options.

Study shows that small businesses in these states and territories could save: Victoria, $1,189/year; NSW, $1,104/year; SA, $1,082/ year; and, ACT, $420/year.

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