Rejoice! Xmas has come to SEO’s – Google Announces ‘Request Indexing’ is Back!!

request indexing is back

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Finally, Google has announced that the ‘Request Indexing’ feature in Google Search Console is back!

Request Indexing is Google's gift for Xmas

Just as we were losing faith that this little SEO favourite tool wasn’t going to come back in 2020, Google give us Xmas early! The request indexing tool has finally been restored after being out of action for the past couple of months. I guess all the talk of the feature being disabled was in fact to make way for the December 2020 Core Update.

Now the update has been fully rolled out, it seems we have the request indexing feature back up and running!

A few items to note regarding the Request Indexing tool:

  1. If you have large numbers of URLs, you should submit that as a sitemap rather than request indexing
  2. Requesting Indexing doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be included in the Google Index. You still need to follow SEO best practices.

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