​​Do You Need Review Management?

How’s your review management? Customers always research businesses and products before buying or transacting with them. Those companies with good reviews often win prospects because it serves as social proof from people who actually bought the product, and thus, can help generate trustworthiness.

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What is review management?

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It’s no secret that companies that garnered more positive reviews attract more customers, increase sales, and drive more views on their website. Individuals often based their judgment on their impression of other people or through other persons’ findings of another person, thus creating the halo effect. For example, we purchase products based on the opinion of professionals and celebrities because we want to end up being like them.

We also trust our family and friends for their word-of-mouth appraisals on businesses because we rely on them for support. At the same time, we believe in user reviews because they’ve experienced and used products and services we’re interested in.

Why you need review management?

Why do you need review acquisition and management? That’s because it influences the customer’s buying behaviour. Reviews help vet customers’ purchasing options. About 73% of customers trust businesses after reading a positive review or feedback from other clienteles. What’s more, around 82% of these customers end up making a purchase upon seeing a good review on a business.

  Reviews influence buyer’s behaviour

It’s no rocket science to see that positive reviews have an impact on your prospects’ behaviour. People usually avoid businesses with rampaging negative reviews while they tend to lean on businesses that have positive reviews.

  Higher business listings

A business with active review acquisition strategies often rank higher in search listings. Business listing websites often show which firm gets the most reviews because it’s a credible, authority company.

  Improves SEO

Reviews improve SEO and search results for a company especially when the keywords are triggered (product name, company name, product descriptions, etc.). So, when customers are looking for a particular store, businesses with high-positive keywords often rank higher.

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