5 Top AI Technology Trends in 2020 to Watch Out

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The year 2019 has seen the rise of artificial intelligence – AI technology – as it influences different industries for ease of fundamental operations. Now, every business, irrespective of its industry, is incorporating AI technology for exponential growth. Healthcare, finance, commerce, and even bloggers have dissected the AI trends to their daily operations.

But, if 2019 is the rise of AI, what will 2020 bring? Here are trends that will expand next year, and new emerging ones to spike in the global AI market.

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5 best AI technology trends this 2020

Augmented reality (AR)

You’ve probably experienced AR through the game Pokemon Go or Snapchat’s photo features. That’s AI for you. It can include 2D or 3D segment images in real-time. AR experiences are often done best on personalized product offerings, businesses, travel, or the fashion industry. Its functions can heighten the experiences for someone who has never done it before.

Example of AR instances:

  1. Trying out virtual versions of the clothes if the product will look good on you
  2. Bringing a video demo to a blank children’s book page
  3. Army situational awareness for locating friends and foe

Medical imaging and biometrics

Medical imaging is a huge breakthrough in the years past and will continue to expand in 2020. Images of the intern body are often revealed through a noninvasive method. This allows the diagnosing of disease without further penetration of medical tools in the body.

What’s more, facial recognition through AI technology is an integral security authentication to help secure your data and apps. Facial accuracy has been a challenge, but in 2019, it has seen to improve better.

Online searches

Online searches might now be visual or voice-based. While this feature rolled out a couple of years back, it has started to gain momentum as of late. Visual searches consist of customers inputting an image they want to know more and end up with a result similar to that image. For instance, searching for a pink chiffon dress will result in similar dresses with different styles. Further searches allow you to see simple pink dresses or chiffon dresses alone.

Voice messages let the AI tech understand what you want to search by comprehending the words you’re trying to say. Over the past years, this feature has been improving and only in due time, more and more customers will be able to use this feature.

Bots and online work

Bots are capable to work and boost productivity by automating tasks of human workers. Gradually, they’re taking jobs in content, administrative tasks, design, and basic maintenance. Their AI algorithm can detect and follow basic guidelines, but it’ll take them years to fully copy a human being’s task.

For instance, AI technology can create a string of articles given by past blog sites to form a new piece of written content. However, this feature is not yet perfect as the AI model doesn’t fully run in perfect grammar. Also, one example is the chatbot found on websites and social media channels. It automates responses and conversations started by users according to the keywords used in the conversation.

Enhanced gaming and art visuals

AI has the power to let developers create game worlds streamed in real-life and reactive to how users play the game. Pokemon Go isn’t the only – and it was just the beginning. AI enhances player’s game mode according to how they move in the virtual world.

Now, they’re even moving towards art, exhibit, and literature. We’ve heard of museums inviting visitors to download their apps and venture around the vicinity holding their phones and see animated scenes happen. Likewise, children’s books are following the trend to have a more immersive reading experience.

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Advantages of AI technology

Looking forward to using AI? Here are the advantages of the technology that can fine-tune your existing cases. Keep in mind the trends next year and how it can boost your business.

Real-time interaction. AI technology allows at-the-moment conversations with customers across channels. You can set automated responses and links according to the keywords used by the customers.

Market predictions. AI predicts market structures through the use of data statistical models. Historical data allows technology to determine market and user responses before they happen.

Personalized content. Your customer’s history purchases, searches, and content are tailored to their reactions on the site. Their preferences are also recorded to cater to their needs. Marketers are using this AI feature for product or blog recommendations and offers.

Digital operations are more efficient. You don’t have to hire an additional employee to handle your social media messaging or chat operations. You can use AI technology to do menial tasks, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Automates sales process. Bots can engage with customers to make purchases even if you’re away or asleep. They can do basic sales tasks and data-intensive work to automate your transactions.

The advent of AI changes the fundamentals of business operations. One can offer efficient customer services without human involvement by integrating bots and other AI elements.

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