What Is Purple Cow?: Transforming Your Business Into Something Remarkable

A group of cows, including a purple cow, in a field.

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These days, when you want to transform your business into something remarkable, you need to have a wide range of skills.

Can you master them all? If you were to take a step back from your business, you would probably realise you can’t master them all. Yet, many business owners try to do so.

Instead of trying to master all of the skills you need to run your business, concentrating on your core processes is a better idea.

Let’s give you an example. For instance, if you run a pool renovation company, it is better to focus on building the best pools you can. Let others worry about digital marketing.

Before the days of digital marketing, companies always used to use professional services. Now business owners try to do everything. As a result, they end up as jacks of all trades and masters of none.

If you struggle to manage your business’s marketing side, let PurpleCow Digital Marketing help you out.

Let us talk about some of the things most businesses struggle with when it comes to digital marketing.

Slow Website Loading Speed

In this day and age, we expect everything to be instant. Yet, many business owners have problems with slow website loading speeds. This is particularly true when you have designed and are trying to maintain your own website.

A website which loads slowly does not only cause potential customers frustration. It hurts your Google rankings.

You can do many things to remedy the problem. Top examples include spending time compressing images, reducing web page file size and finding a good hosting provider.

But, do you get the time to do all of this when you also need to renovate swimming pools? The honest answer is that your core business suffers when you try to do everything.

Instead of trying to do everything, concentrate on your professional skills. Let someone else use their professional skills and maintain your website.

Creating Linkable Assets

Featuring the relevant keywords on your website is one thing. It does help your SEO.

But, other influencing factors help your website to rank above others.

Having Inbound links, also known as linkable assets, is a must when you want to improve your website’s ranking.

Links often come from articles which are featured on high-authority websites. A link placed strategically and using the right keywords tells Google your website is important. In other words, it gives your website authority.

But, do you have the time to create the content and do the keyword research you need to rank your site? Most business owners don’t. Quickly, this becomes another task on the to-do list that never gets done.

Targeted Keywords

What is the secret of targeted keywords?

Targeted keywords are keywords that attract visitors to visit your site and engage with your website. Once there, you want visitors to take a specific action. 

This can include anything from filling out a form to picking up the phone to giving you a call.

But unless you can attract those visitors with targeted keywords, how can you engage with them?

Finding targeted keywords that work takes effort and hard work. Is this something you have the time to do yourself?

Getting Noticed In SERPS

Unless your website pops up in SERPS, it is unlikely you get any business.

Searching for a business in the local paper used to be the norm. But, things have moved on.

When we look for a business, most of us turn to the Internet. A business which does not have a good quality website is less likely to have an extensive clientele.

Customers prefer to engage with a business with an easy-to-use website which also provides them with high-quality content.

A website with high-quality content ensures your business is noticed in Search Engine Results.

In between looking after your customers, do you have the time to create a website which you can guarantee will pop up in your category before others in SERPS?

Optimise Existing Content

It is also important to keep an eye on and monitor your content. Is what you are saying still right?

Thanks to technical innovation, businesses often move forward quicker than ever.

Is the information on your site still relevant and are the facts correct? Making sure your content is updated regularly is as important as publishing quality content in the first place.

Fact-checking and updating content takes time, but is vital when you want to drive business to your site. This is why many businesses feature extensive blogs on their sites and publish quality content on link management sites.

Once again, this is something which takes time to do.


Backlinking is a priority.

Backlinks included in quality content using the right keywords, tell Google and other search engine what content on your site is important.

The right keywords used to dominate when it came to achieving the best search results. But, with so many businesses out there providing similar services, how do you make yours stand out?

You do that by publishing backlinks using long-tail keywords. Google loves backlinks. It takes a look at them and decides what content on your site is important.

Final Thoughts

If you want to transform your business into something remarkable, you need to juggle several balls at once.

Before digital marketing, this is something businesses never used to do. Instead, most businesses let professional marketing companies get on with it.

What has changed? The only thing that has changed is that we have gone digital. Recognising that marketing is still a professional skill helps save you time and money. That is how you turn your business into something truly remarkable and improve your profit margins.

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