Why You Need To Write a Blog For Your Business

Why You Need To Write a Blog For Your Business

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You have probably heard before that you need to write a blog for your website…….but where to start?

Writing articles can place you as an authority figure in your niche. As a business owner, you can also get tons of exposure for your company or the products and services you are promoting by publishing blog posts. It may be a time-consuming matter, but writing blog posts can get you discovered by potential customers. If you can put aside an hour or two each week to write a blog, you will notice a definite growth in the traffic and SEO on your website. The key takeaway is to get started. Anything is better than nothing, but we know it is really hard to start, so we have created some tips below to get you started.

Here are the benefits and how blog posts can upstage your business competition.

1. Serves as a cost-effective online marketing strategy
Writing blogs nowadays is a lot easier and cheaper than getting a PPC ad space. Promoting your web site by writing and submitting articles is the best way of creating more visibility for your website, product or service. It is free to do and all it takes is your time to write the article. How often do you get the chance to advertise your business free of charge and at such length?

2. Write promo sales about your business
Writing an article about your business is not that hard, after all, you talk to your customers about every time you have a conversation with them, so why not make a few notes about these conversations and then turn it into an article.

3. Increase the links to your website
Once you have published your article you will immediately gain incoming links to your site making it more visible on the web and in search engines, an article about painting equipment from an artist would be considered to be highly relevant by the search engines.

4. Establish yourself as an expert
Giving your opinion and views, especially when backed up by facts and figures set you up as an expert in your field.

5. Articles last longer than adverts
The article you have published in directories will be around for a long time, so an article you wrote two years ago comparing the qualities of different oil paints will still be driving traffic to your website today.

6. Multiple links from one article
Articles also encourage others to promote you and your website by using your article, including the link to your site, on their website, or blog, another way to increase traffic to your site

And did we mention that it’s free?

How to successfully write a blog post

When a business blog is done right can drive traffic to your website. Unfortunately, not all businesses yet fully discover the full potential of a blog. So, here are tips on how to successfully write a blog post.

• Write for your customers. Write about what your customers need to see and know about. Don’t just write regarding your products and what it does, but how about how-to’s, listicles, and questions people might have about the industry you’re in. For example, if you’re into health, a post about the benefits of exercising makes it relevant.

• Create your blogging style. How do you want your readers to react on your post? Your blogging style can show your intentions whether you want to inform, describe, or convince them about a certain topic. It can also be formal or informal developed with a mild or strong emotion.

• Create valuable content. Writing an article with many people who’ve already done it may seem daunting. Nevertheless, write anyway! Make it unique and put your perspective into it. Even evergreen are considered valuable content.

• Planning your content. What to write? How many words? When will you publish it? How many times per week can you write? Content and frequency are the top things you should be taking note of. Provide relevant articles which readers will love. Also, be consistent about when should you post too.

• Make it shareable. A blog that’s not shareable can lose a significant amount of readers. For example, if someone shares your blog, maybe five or six people will get to read it and link back to your site. Now imagine 50 people sharing your blog and earned about six readers through them. You’ll gain 300 viewers and 50 more from the original sharers.

Do you need help with content?

Trust us, blogging is a time-consuming process. After writing 1,000 words, you need to proofread and optimize it for search engines. You can always hire a professional writer to do your blogs for you. If you need help with blogging or web content, you can always reach out to PurpleCow Digital Marketing and we will be more than happy to help.

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