The Advantages of Having a WordPress Web Care Plan

Benefits of a WordPress web care plan.

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Having a WordPress Web Care Plan gives you piece of mind that your digital asset is safe and secure. 

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems when it comes to building a website that stands out. Almost 40% of websites are powered by WordPress CMS. 

As far as CMS (content management system) goes, WordPress offers exceptional flexibility and functionality when it comes to creating and managing websites. It does not matter if you are shooting for a blog, portfolio or membership website. 

However, when you are in business, you may find that content management is challenging to stay on top of. Just like other programs, WordPress publishes new versions, fixes and security patches. 

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Managing WordPress Websites

You should also not lose sight of the fact of how important it is to protect your website. For instance, you need to back it up and manage your content. Scanning for malware and monitor performance are two other jobs to do. 

Trying to fit these tasks into your business routine is time-consuming and overwhelming. It can be frustrating and tedious. If you are not a technical expert, it may become frustrating. Having a WordPress Web Care Plan lets you concentrate on your core business. 

Let’s delve further into the benefits of a WordPress Web Care Plan from PurpleCow Digital Marketing.

Managing WordPress Updates

One of the most essential aspects of having a care plan is that it takes all of the worry away. 

You don’t have to worry about knowing how to handle updates and new plugins. WordPress has a fantastic range of themes, but knowing how to work with them is often challenging. 

As a web care provider, PurpleCow can take care of all the technical aspects for you. This means you don’t have to worry about security, errors and compatibility issues which may interfere with your website. 

Website Backups

One of the main advantages of using WordPress and incorporating one of our website care plans is that you don’t have to worry about backups.

Most businesses we engage here at PurpleCow are not aware that websites should be backed up. How often you do this depends on your plan. If you have a lot of data, and your website processes a higher volume of data, you may want to back it up daily. Most websites are backed up weekly but we do have clients with a higher data volume that need to have their websites backed up more frequently.

Website Security

All websites are targeted by not only hackers but also bots. Both hackers and bots can introduce ransomware, spam and malware to your site. 

This quickly damages your site’s performance and functionality. Worst of all, it can lead to issues with your site’s credibility. This is especially important if you are running a professional services site or shopping site. 

 Having a WordPress web care plan helps to prevent and protect your website from threats by providing security optimization, malware scanning, firewall protection and SSL encryption.

Website Performance

Just like other CMS platforms, WordPress websites can suffer from slow loading speeds, high bounce rates, low conversion rates, and poor user experience. Having a website is best described as a work in progress – you need to stay on top of optimisation to get the best ROI.

 WordPress web care plans can help you improve your website’s performance by providing speed optimisation, mobile optimisation,  caching, minification and CDN integration. These techniques help when it comes to improving page load time,  SEO ranking,  and increasing your traffic.

WordPress Website Edits

One of the most important parts of any WordPress Web Care Plan is website edits. Why do you need them? 

Without edits, your WordPress website can’t keep up with your business goals and customer needs. Successful business owners and professionals update their sites to ensure their sites are found in search results. 

Most digital marketing companies manage and advise on updates. This is a proactive service and essential when you want your website to stay relevant. You should also be able to ask for updates to content. 

For instance, if you are running a restaurant, it is important to update menus and promote special events and offers. If you run a professional service such as a doctor’s practice, you want to make sure you can quickly inform patients of new services. 

PurpleCow Digital Marketing makes sure all updates are dealt with quickly. We are also very proactive in suggesting edits that support your ROI and business. 

Keeping your website up-to-date with new information is one of the best ways to increase visitor numbers.

WordPress Website Reports

WordPress websites also need regular monitoring and analysis to measure their performance.

A PurpleCow WordPress web care plan gives insights into your website’s health and success by providing monthly reports. Reports provide important metrics including traffic volume, traffic sources, bounce rate, conversion rate, uptime, updates and security scans. Metrics help you evaluate the effectiveness of your website and assist when it comes to making informed decisions.

A PurpleCow WordPress web care plan gives insights into your website’s health and success by providing monthly reports.


Yes, there is such a thing as a maintenance plan specifically designed for WordPress websites. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used to create and manage websites. Due to its widespread usage, regular maintenance is essential to keep WordPress websites secure, up to date, and functioning optimally. A WordPress maintenance plan typically includes a range of services such as software updates, security patches, and backups to protect against potential threats and data loss. It may also cover regular content updates, performance optimization, and monitoring to ensure the website remains relevant and engaging for visitors. Many web development agencies and hosting providers offer WordPress maintenance plans, providing website owners with peace of mind and freeing them from the technical aspects of maintaining their websites.

In a WordPress maintenance plan, the provider may also offer technical support and troubleshooting services to address any issues that may arise with the website. This includes fixing bugs, resolving compatibility problems, and assisting with user-related inquiries. Having a maintenance plan in place ensures that WordPress websites are kept in top shape, allowing website owners to focus on their core business while leaving the technical aspects to the experts. Overall, a well-structured WordPress maintenance plan is essential to maximize the website's performance, security, and overall effectiveness.

A website care plan is a comprehensive service package offered by web development agencies or hosting providers to maintain and support a website over time. It goes beyond simple maintenance and includes a range of services to ensure the website's security, performance, and functionality. A typical website care plan may include regular software updates and security patches to protect against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Backups are also included to safeguard against data loss in case of unforeseen issues. Additionally, website care plans often cover ongoing content updates, SEO optimization, and performance monitoring to keep the website fresh, relevant, and user-friendly.

Moreover, a website care plan provides technical support and troubleshooting assistance, addressing any website-related issues that may arise promptly. This ensures that the website operates smoothly, reducing downtime and ensuring a positive user experience. Depending on the specific needs of the website owner, website care plans can vary in scope and frequency, offering tailored solutions to suit different budgets and requirements. Having a website care plan in place provides website owners with peace of mind, knowing that their online presence is well-maintained and supported by experts in the field.

WordPress care refers to a comprehensive service package designed to maintain, protect, and optimize WordPress websites. As WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS), it requires regular attention and upkeep to ensure its security and performance. A WordPress care plan typically includes essential services like software updates, plugin maintenance, and security patches to safeguard the website against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Regular backups are conducted to prevent data loss and enable quick restoration in case of emergencies.

Additionally, WordPress care involves ongoing content management, ensuring that the website's information remains up to date and relevant to visitors. This may include adding new content, modifying existing pages, or optimizing the website for search engines to improve its online visibility. Some WordPress care plans also offer performance monitoring and optimization to enhance the website's loading speed and overall user experience. By subscribing to a WordPress care plan, website owners can delegate the technical aspects of website management to professionals, allowing them to focus on their core business while ensuring their WordPress website stays secure and efficient.

WordPress maintenance plans are comprehensive service packages offered to website owners using the WordPress content management system (CMS). These plans are designed to ensure the smooth functioning, security, and longevity of WordPress websites. A typical WordPress maintenance plan includes regular software updates, theme, and plugin maintenance, and security patches to keep the website protected against potential vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Backups are conducted regularly to prevent data loss and provide a fallback in case of any unexpected issues.

Moreover, WordPress maintenance plans often encompass content management, involving the addition and modification of website content to keep it relevant and engaging for visitors. Performance monitoring and optimization may also be included to enhance the website's loading speed and overall user experience. With a WordPress maintenance plan in place, website owners can have peace of mind knowing that their website is being well taken care of by professionals, allowing them to focus on their core business while leaving the technical aspects of website maintenance to experts.


Having a WordPress web care plan provides many advantages for your website’s maintenance and growth. Outsourcing these tasks to a professional web care provider, saves time, money, and hassle. You are free to focus on your core business activities while knowing that your website is in expert hands.

Find out more about our flexible WordPress Care Plans. Pick up the phone and give PurpleCow a call or get in touch with us on our website. We offer a full range of digitally managed services which we can tailor to your business needs. 

Would you like to learn more? See how a WordPress web care plan can work for you today.

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