How to Make Your About Us Page Work For Your Business

How to Make Your About Us Page Work For Your Business

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Did you know that many businesses find the About Us page of their website difficult to write? Honestly, it can make or break the look and branding of your business.

Google Analytics shows that the About Us page happens to be one of the most visited pages of a site. If you don’t do it justice, you could be losing tons of customers.

So, how to write one properly?

Tips on how to write About Us page

We understand that writing this page is quite daunting. As a business owner, you’re trying to balance everything about your business or the customer first. Here are tips to help you figure out how to write one.

  • Always start writing about the audience. Open your sentences with something that the audience wants to hear. Talk about their problems and why they visited your site in the first place. State facts and figures in your niche – no one can argue with that.
  • Why not let the customers do the talking? You can actually place testimonials from your customers saying the good things about your business. Make sure you place their names and relevant information to seem that they’re trusted sources for your brand’s credibility.
  • Tell your beginnings. If you’ve been in the market long enough, you can actually tell the history of your business. You can start at the very beginning, documenting your business may be in the 90s.
  • Include media if your words can’t cut through. Give your customers a reason to stay at the About Us page with your multimedia content. If words escape you, why not add photos or videos that tell your brand’s story? If you’re planning to add text, always make sure to even the content out with all the elements present there.
  • Include address and contact details. Customers are likely to get in touch with your business if you share some important information about your company. Even if you don’t have any physical address, type in your city and country, then. Don’t forget to add your social media accounts as well!

Don’t forget optimizing your About Us page!

What’s the title of your About Us page? Just About Us? You can actually make your own title and insert necessary keywords there. For example:

About Traveling Notes Journal – Notebooks, Journals, Diaries
Know Our Story – Award Winning Brand Since 1980

Also, your About Us page can be short around 250 to 700 words. Remember the tips above on how to write one and insert keywords if necessary.

Why not cater to local search engines?

About 20 percent of local net users specified their searches to their geographic locations. By including your city name, you improve your chances of getting shown on local search results page.

The takeaway

Never take for granted your About Us page. Many business owners often focus on creating their products pages, blogs, and special payment channels that they often forget the number one page customers often go to.

It’ll only take you a few minutes to tweak your About Us page. So, do it now and have a cause to make your audience quite engaged with it.

Do you need help?

We would love to help you get visible online and grow your business and audience. We can help with creating an amazing website and get it working hard for you today. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how we can get things moving right now.

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