Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Many businesses know that they need to blog. It helps your SEO and increases traffic. But about 75 percent of bloggers often leave their blogs because, at the end of the line, they find it difficult to do. Only a few people persisted in updating their content regularly. This means you can quite easily beat your competitors if you can regularly blog.

Here are tips to keep you in the loop about blogging.

Run out of ideas? Get one from your niche audience!

Search on the internet the questions your target audience often asks. Their queries can be a great way to generate content ideas for your nest blog post. More so, it just answers their imploring questions. So, give them a reason to visit your blog!

Write a minimum of 500 words.

It’s been largely debated what the minimum number of words should be in a blog post. We say aim to publish at least 500 words. That way you can insert keywords better on your article and for search engines to crawl. Remember to write a high-quality content piece enough for people to link back to your site.

Create call-to-action words.

So, what do you want your audience to do after reading your article? Make sure to place a strong call-to-action sentence at the end for them to engage with you. That can be for them to download your e-books, subscribe to your blog, or like your social profiles.

Be consistent.

Consistency is the most important aspect of blogging. When do you often publish your blog? It’s easier to lose your audience when you don’t blog regularly. Even if it’s just once a week, give your audience something to look forward to.

Add multimedia.

Text can be boring! Add photos and videos to your article so that the audience can also tune in to other media content. It’s one way to freshen their eyes and views to your blog.

Make catchy headlines and titles.

The first thing your readers see is your headline. They won’t be able to read the body of your content without noticing that catchy title first. Keep it short within 70 characters and insert keywords if possible. You can use title-generating sites like SEOPressor to make a title.

Be consistent with your voice.

Don’t you know your readers can pick up your article voice? That’s true. If it’s become some sort of branding to your blog, why not retain it? a sudden shift in voice piece can have your readers wonder what happened.

Don’t forget meta and descriptions.

Remember, you have to write meta descriptions, alt text, and alt images for search engines to crawl on your blogs. That way, your website can be indexed and pieced for SEs to know what kind of site it is. What’s more, you’ll rank better and higher that way.

Keep it original.

Don’t just copy from the web! It’s tempting to just copy-paste free articles and claim it as your own. Don’t bother, lest you want to get penalized by Google.

Write in advance.

Write when you can and schedule your posts in advance. That way, you can save time by thinking of another article piece to do, edit, and publish. It’s no joke. Blogging is time-consuming. So, make the best of your time to write a new content piece.

Do you need help?

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