What Can You Do With An Event Management Software?

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What Can You Do With An Event Management Software? An event management software (EMS) is a tool used by businesses to keep track of the activity flow of an event. From planning, inviting guests, and covering post-event stages, the tool integrates registration, ticketing, and floor logistics among many others.

EMS can further address other factors like revenue, attendance analytics, organizers’ coordination, and media coverage. So, it’s quite crazy not to take on this software for your business.

How can an event management software help you?

Holding an event soon? Organizing such a feat can be exhausting. You need to send letters and emails, whilst directing your team to do their tasks. So, how can this software help you?

We’ve listed a few common features of the software here.

  • Team communication. You’ll be redirected to a room or forum where you and the rest of your team, whether that be in marketing, accounting, souvenirs, can communicate your concerns.
  • Database management. All information is stored in the software. From guest lists, online registration, mailing lists, and analytics, you can download or export them with different metrics in cloud-based apps.
  • Budget management and transaction. The software allows you to keep track of your funds or re-estimate them for further transactions. Sometimes, the software even allows quotes and actual payments done too.
  • On-site organization. Are there any late registrants? Some tools allow registration at the site and where participants confirm their attendance with the use of e-signature. More so, it keeps you at tabs on the number of attendees, meals, slots, and revenues on-going.
  • Event report and feedback. You can run analytics and have feedbacks about the success of your activity. Download your analytics and track trends and leads from the events itself.

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Benefits of event management software

Not sold to the idea that the software can help boost your business event? Here are benefits of an event management software.

Better coordination with teams. The software lets you coordinate tasks and activities with different members of your team including those in marketing, sales, logistics, and accounting. An announcement or change in activities can alert everyone to adapt to it and make quick modifications on their assignments.

Reduced time staff. Due to the visibility of tasks on the software’s dashboard, it’s easy to control assignments, budget, and operations. One can complete tasks and cut down time spent for finishing it. If one of your team finishes his or her assignments, you can relay to her new tasks on the board.

Smoother work cycles. Event management software can get you to plan and analyze everything on your event activities. They have tools to help you transition easily from event creation, marketing, and post-event review and analytics.

Easy event marketing. One feature of an event management software includes the integration of marketing tools that solicits leads and allows advertising of the activity to a wider reach of audience. They have an easy setup of social media, blog sharing sites, and  email marketing among many others.

Allows online ticketing and registration. When your attendees are looking for a venue to buy or register with your event, you can easily redirect them to the event site and proceed with the transactions there.

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There are paid and free versions of event management software where you can use for your activity. Examples of this software include EventFrame, Eventbrite, Cvent, Eventzilla, Ticket Tailor, and Konfeo among many others.

EventFrame Lifetime Deal

There is an amazing deal currently on for a lifetime license for EventFrame. This means no ongoing monthly fees. If you are using any event management software now or looking into it, this is a great opportunity to snag a great deal!

  • Avoid paying unnecessary ticket fees to event systems
  • Set up free or paid events within minutes
  • Customize beautiful ticket landing pages that can be embedded in your site or shared via links
  • Add time-based, bulk order, or special discounts to your tickets

Make the ticket process quick, painless, and profitable with EventsFrame

Make the ticket process quick, painless, and profitable with EventsFrame.


– Unlimited events (free and paid)
– Unlimited tickets
– Unlimited discounts
– Unlimited attendees
– Unlimited event landing pages
– Facebook pixel & Google Analytics tracking
– Built-in seo optimization
– PayPal, Braintree and Stripe integration
– Multiple payment options (i.e. bank transfer, check, purchase order, etc.)
– Attendee & order export to CSV
– Dynamic time-based discounts
– Sub-tickets (perfect for pre-conference dinners where the main ticket is compulsory)
– Google Maps integration
– Organizer’s profile

Normally, access to the EventsFrame plan we are bringing you today is $1,164 a year.

This monster of a plan includes:

We have a great deal at the moment to grab EventFrame for an amazing one-off payment!

Roadmap: https://www.eventsframe.com/ 

Webinar: Learn how to use EventsFrame like a pro and ask the creator anything!

When: August 21st, 2018 at 10:00AM CDT

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