12 Amazing Ways on How to Create a Business Name

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Now that you have an amazing business idea and a draft plan with a potential client base, the next thing you need to do is create a business name. Starting a business takes courage, energy, and passion. And now – throw in a good name to embody the feeling your brand will play a huge role in your success.

Google. Apple. Amazon. It needs to be memorable for customers and has to remind employees of what it means to work for your brand.

How to create a business name

You could pay an agency or play with a name generator for your business, but it’s best to create a business name under your creative control. Don’t know where to start? The following tips will help you create a business name.

Create a mash-up

Sometimes, the most memorable business name is one that was mashed with two different words. Try to combine some terms, lexes, and vocabularies and see where it goes. For example, Netflix was created with an amalgamation of “internet and flicks,” while Evernote used the words “forever and note.”

Seek inspiration from books

Both literature and mythology books are proven to leverage for creating a business name. Did you know Greek mythology has been used as inspiration for many iconic brands such as Nike, Hermes, Mars, and Persephone? Conduct some research and find out if literary characters and mythological figures could best represent what your company is all about.

Use foreign words

Businesses catering to a wider audience make good use of foreign words. It would make your business appear posh, exotic, and unique. French and Japanese words are some popular options in naming a business, followed by Latin, Italian, and Spanish. You could even consider Chinese and Indian words as they also offer a huge market base.

Use your name

There is no limit to how you can create a business name. This is why you should consider using your name. Many well-known brands are actual names of creators such as Boeing from William Boeing, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and the list goes on.

Look at the map

The world is your oyster which is why it is a good idea to look at a map to come up with a business name. Amazon is an internet giant that is named after the biggest river in the world. You can even name an area of your city if you cater to the local clientele as well.

Tweak the spelling of the word

For instance, CVLTVRE uses V instead of U for a unique look and feel of the brand – rebel, avant-garde, and shocking. This grabs the attention of customers as they’ll be more curious about your brand. Another example is Flickr, Movr, and Tumblr where they dropped the “e” from their usual spelling.

Leverage your products’ value, association, and uses

Let’s say you’re a coffee shop who specializes in dripped coffee – now, that’s a good name, “Dripped.” You can play with the words associated to your product too. Another example is a publishing house specializing in general knowledge books. The imprint brand can run as “Brainiac!” or “WhizKid” for example.

Thinking on How to Create a Business Name

Tips when you create a business name

Creating a business name is all about telling a story and what you have to offer. Use the tips mentioned in this post to come up with an amazing business name that will wow your customers.

It uses a good-sounding acronym

When you create a business name, you should consider using an acronym for its full name. It will make it easier for people to remember your business. For example, IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd; AT&T is known as American Telephone and Telegraph; and, DHL is for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn. Each of these businesses has used an acronym for their business and it has worked in their favor.

It should sound good

Just because the words fit right to your branding it should also sound right when customers say it. It can be short, fast, and easy to remember by your prospects. Alliteration in brand names is a good way to instill recollection on your target audience. The best examples are Coca-Cola, Krispy Kreme, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

It should convey meaning

Don’t use a generic word if it doesn’t contribute to your brand. It should convey meaning, personality, and easy-to-recall branding. If a customer hears, he or she would know right away what it is. For example, the coffee shop “Dripped” conveys an old-style café with a chill ambiance – probably a little bit hipsterish at some point.

Make sure you can register and trademarked the name

When registering a business, you are asked to think of three (3) business names in case they’re taken and trademarked by the bureau. Make sure to have 3 -5 worthwhile names and prioritize the ones you’d like best.

Think how it can incorporate digital marketing

If you’re thinking of going online, think of keywords associated with your brand. Look for similar search phrases online and how many people are searching for it on Google. This will also help improve your chances of ranking higher on google my business or local business directories.

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