Should You Consider Influencer Marketing?

Should You Consider Influencer Marketing?

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How Can Influencer Marketing Assist Businesses? There is a high chance you have heard about influencer marketing and how such a person can have a powerful hold over their followers. Turns out, many brands would want to do business with these influencers to leverage their products and services, tapping another market to improve sales.

So, what is influencer marketing and why you should consider it for your business?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing method where businesses focus on influential people in their industry or local area to convince customers of their buying decisions through various social media channels. This type of marketing can also be defined as a testimonial or product review advertisement.

This is a brilliant way to start building the trust factors with your audience.

Instagram is often the platform used by influencers to promote the product. According to U.S. Statista, the influencer marketing industry grew $1.07 billion and more throughout the world.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has the convincing power of their purchasing decisions because of their authority, skills, expertise, and relationship with the audience. They have a particular niche they serve and actively engage in.

They make use of social media channels to influence the population. Influencers make posts about a certain topic to which the public closely follows. There are different types of influencers and they can be of the following:

• Celebrities
• Trainers and coaches
• Industry experts
• Bloggers
Micro influencers and movers


Case Study –  Lynne Hayes

Lynne is a great example of a Micro Influencer. She has an ever-increasing audience of over 17.5k over Facebook and Instagram. Being very well known, liked & respected within the local community Lynne is able to work with businesses to help build their brands and their audiences. Working with a Micro Influencer can be a very cost-effective way to build trust with potential new clients. If you would like to contact Lynne about how she can help you market your business, you can contact her here.

What’s the value of influencer marketing over your business?

Influencer marketing has a tremendous effect on a business. One, they deliver your brand messaging to a large number of people. Other advantages of influencer marketing to your business are written below:

Raise brand awareness. When an influencer introduces your product on the market, he or she taps the audience to share, look, or buy, thus, increasing your brand’s visibility to more people.

Tap into a different demographic. By letting an influencer share your products with her or his followers, the business gets to tap into a new market share. For example, a body protection gear company not only taps to the fitness industry, but to parents, travellers, and senior markets.

Improve sales. When an influencer gives a positive review of your products or services, people are more likely to buy it. Don’t you know that about 66 percent of an influencer’s followers will likely buy your goods if their idol tells them so? If that influencer has only 500 followers, a whopping 300+ of them would like to engage with your business.

Builds trust and credibility. When the audience turns to their influencers for tips, insights, or reviews, they’ll likely trust the brand their influencer has given them. Thus, it could give your business a boost of credibility and trustworthiness.

Enhances link-building opportunities. Influencer marketing is not only about Instagram shout outs. It can also be bloggers who will link back to your product pages. This, in turn, will rank your seo higher especially when it boosts up your inbound and outbound links.

How to do influencer marketing the right way.

The process of reaching out to influencers is quite daunting. They can either ignore your requests or reject your invitations. But, take heart. Here’s an easy guide for you to follow when identifying possible influencers for your business.

Define your brand and customers. First, you need to understand your brand and customers. You need to make a research of who they follow, their influences, lifestyle, and habits. Knowing your unique selling value will give you an advantage when introducing yourself to an influencer.

Choose the right influencer. You need to find the right influencer who can speak for your brand and won’t scam you. Their image should be aligned with your company’s message. More so, they need to be real influencers and not those who get paid followers.

Know activities around the influencer marketing industry. Monitoring your influencers lets you discover what their followers are doing, talking, and buying about. It also gets you to see how the influencers engage with their audience as well.

Write to chosen influencers. It’s best to contact your influencers through email and discuss how the two of you can collaborate on a gig. In addition, this is where you negotiate if they can want cash as payment or an exclusive deal to try your products.

Analyze the results. After seeing the influencer posting about your products and services, make an analysis of whether the campaign reaches your marketing objectives.

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