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Are you thinking about starting some WordPress Training? We offer training packages to get business owners started in maintaining their own websites.

PurpleCow Digital Marketing creates amazing WordPress websites and has a driving passion to help either small or established businesses to maximize their online impact. Our universal approach and results-driven marketing initiative are developed to create improvement in your online presence.

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system that powered 35% of websites around the globe. But, that doesn’t mean to say everybody understand how it works.

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Why do you need to learn from us?

For individuals who are still confused on how to use the platform, we’ll let you know that we offer training so you can maximize your shiny new website either onsite, via Zoom or as a downloadable package.

Taught by professionals. Our WordPress training can help you utilize every function of WordPress there is. That’s because we build amazing sites every day and know WordPress inside out. For over 10 years, we have been building sites for businesses on WordPress.

Flexible learning system. As mentioned, you can get to learn about WordPress with us via Zoom or through a downloadable package when you purchase plans from us. Not to mention, we also offer onsite training in case you want a one-to-one session.

You have our support system. We offer great support and will guide you throughout the process. Our ongoing technical support is available, not only to the websites we have built but also for websites our clients would like us to take care of.

Organized structure of learning. Our learning materials are carefully planned in a sensible layout. It’s organized from the beginning to the end in a systemic matter easy to understand by the reader.

A sense of accomplishment. Learning from professionals and navigating your own WordPress site will give you a sense of achievement and skills.

Will WordPress training suit you?

We understand that there tonnes of WordPress tutorials available on the net these days. However, when you get free tutorials on platforms like YouTube, they are usually trying to sell you something. The training may be centred around a product they are trying to sell an affiliated product with.

With PurpleCow, we can have our training onsite or via Zoom where we can discuss the topic one-on-one or with a team. We know you’re not going to learn WordPress in one session. Our team provides you with a support system case you have trouble maintaining your website.

WordPress dashboard of scheduling posts

WordPress dashboard of scheduling posts

All websites are unique!

No websites are the same. So, what happens when you get stuck and the problem is a bit technical to understand like CSS and HTML elements? Although there’s no training course that covers each theme, we guarantee you to understand and tailor each session to your needs.

If you have any questions about this program of ours, feel free to contact us today!

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