The Redcliffe Peninsula – Our Focus on Local Businesses

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We Are Building A Better Community

The Redcliffe Peninsula – We Love Where We Live

I have teamed up with Lynne Hayes to create something really special for Redcliffe. We have been working really hard behind the scenes building some great Facebook groups and pages as well as a couple of new websites to support our community and local businesses.It is true that it is really hard to be in business these days. It is also true that supporting local small and medium businesses will help our community as a whole. Supporting local businesses means more jobs, less crime and a happier community.

More local jobs = more local income.

More local income = less local crime.

Less local crime = happier community!

Our Facebook Community

So supporting local businesses means you are supporting your community. One thing I have always know about Redcliffe is what a great community we have. Redcliffe is definitely like a big country town. People look out for one another and we love to support each other. This is why the Facebook group The Redcliffe Peninsula Community has grown so rapidly! It has become the best place to see what is happening, ask for recommendations and quite simply be able to participate in the Redcliffe community.

Join The Conversation!

If you are a member of the group you will see many familiar faces offering support and advice to other members. This group has brought all that is great about Redcliffe and supportive groups together and is a real credit to the members. This group has quickly grown to over 20k members and we have been really impressed with how well our members behave. Make sure you head over to the group and become a member, see what is happening and get involved in some local catch ups.

The Redcliffe Peninsula Website

As the Facebook community continues to grow, we felt there was a need to bring many of the things being shared to a web platform. Hence the creation of The Redcliffe Peninsula. That way we can create a directory for local businesses, advertise local events amongst other things. We will be posting movie reviews, stories, history of our local area etc. We are hoping to have stories submitted by community members so we can make this the best website of all things local to Redcliffe!We are also looking to feature photos on the website and Facebook page and we already have some great submissions via our Instagram page.We look forward to growing our community and supporting local! Please comment if there is anything else you would like to see in the community group and the website.ThanksAngie Neal

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