A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

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Facebook remains the top choice for many digital marketers and business owners to showcase their company. There are over 1 billion Facebook users with each spending on the social media channel for about 50 minutes. That’s why you need to tap the full marketing potential of your business on that platform.

Fans get to engage more on Facebook due to its easy navigation and public presence. Users can receive updates, like or comment on a product, ask inquiries, or share their personal stories online too.

Meanwhile, businesses can promote their services and raise brand awareness that will eventually lead to sales. If you’re not on Facebook yet, you’re missing a whole lot of exposure!

Here are some basic guidelines for starting Facebook Marketing.

What is Facebook marketing?

Easy! Facebook marketing is simply advertising on the social channel with the goal of growing your business, increasing sales, and raising brand awareness.

However, advertising on Facebook involves more than just posting a status. You need to carefully curate your content to the right demographics, time your posting accordingly, and study analytics to further enhance your marketing strategies.

Facebook marketing might be easy, but, you need to have a lot of considerations to follow like:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Analysis


Research is where you get to know your brand, audience, and strategies that can work well with your demographics.

  • Does your brand cater to the young or professionals?
  • What’s the vibe of your business?
  • How old is your target audience?
  • What’s their lifestyle?
  • What strategies or concepts will appeal to their needs?

You can try surveying your customers, surroundings, and their reaction to certain objects or topics. Why not ask them directly of what they think about your business or what they generally want in a certain company that can answer their needs.

You should also research whether a regular post or Facebook ads work well with your marketing and sales goals.


Making a Facebook marketing plan is setting up the content to share and know what time to post. Digital marketers often lay them out in a week, month, or year. Sometimes, they make use of social automation tools that can help them plan content throughout the year.

Content ideas:

  • Blog posts
  • Photos with customers
  • Images about the industry
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Contest
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Facebook live
  • Offers
  • And more!


It’s time to make that content and post it to Facebook! Don’t you know that more people logged in to their social media channels around Monday 7AM to 9AM before work? Yes, they do! Generally, your audience would likely open Facebook during lunchtime and later at night.

Do you get by what we mean? Try posting on those days and times to amp up your social followers to visit your business.


You can analyze your posts and ads in your admin dashboard. Here, you can see whether your campaign worked or not. The results of your analysis will let you recoup or modify your marketing tactics.

The analysis on your Facebook dashboard lets you see the demographics that responded most to your advertisement or post. Use this knowledge to gain understanding and to enhance your marketing efforts.

Where to begin?

If you don’t know where to begin in making a Facebook profile for your business, no worries! Here’s a simple rundown of the steps:

  • Create a page. You must have an FB profile to create a page. A Facebook page will bring a more professional-looking profile of your business. People get to like and follow your posts which making the social giant a perfect venue for customer engagement.Upon creating a page, FB will ask you to upload your profile photo, cover photo, and any information you want to place on your page. Put business hours, services, and info about your company. That way, people can have a clearer understanding of your business.
  • Get Facebook likes. The next step is to get Facebook likes for your page. Invite friends and family and get them to promote your business. If you have a business website, you can redirect users from visiting your Facebook page and get them to engage there.Remember, it’s not good to buy likes for your page as it will only bring in spam or malicious content from fake likers. You can, however, promote your page through Facebook ads.
  • Posting your content. It’s time to post content! Which will work out better for your target audience? As mentioned above, you have to do research of your demographics. Will they be able to appreciate infographics and blog posts? Or video marketing works best for your company? This will also help your SEO.Either way, get people to engage with your brand if you post high-quality content on your Facebook page.
  • Make a Facebook marketing plan. Planning your Facebook in advance will let you see how your business is actively seeking and engaging with clients. What content is best suited for this day? What time should we post?
  • Make Connections. Connect with other businesses, groups and influencers to help spread your message.

Making the most of your Facebook marketing

Your Facebook page can give you a number of opportunities to connect with followers. The social media giant is still considered the champ in connecting business and customers. Here’s how to make the most of the situation:

  • Join or make a group. Building a community around your business page can amp up your social presence. While gathering people around your group takes time, it’s better to join one instead. Share your content or anything about your business that can bring customers to your site.
  • Promote the best content. Don’t just promote anything you have in your timeline. Instead, highlight the one that brings prospects to your page.
  • Use various content. A combo of links, photos, and videos can make your page appealing to customers.
  • Asking directly for comments and opinions. By placing polls, opinions, or questions, customers get to engage more with a brand. It lets them connect deeply with your business because they are allowed to express themselves.

The takeaway

Facebook marketing still serves as the favoured social channel marketers would like to advertise the business. The above posts can serve as guidelines for start-up businesses to succeed in the social media giant.

We’d love to hear your comments on what strategies you have used and plan to use to brand your business.

We can help get your branding strategy up and running. Just reach out and email us at st******@pu*******.digital

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