Lights, Camera, Action: How To Start Making Your Own Videos

Video Making

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It’s quite understandable why many business owners resort to online video makers than hiring a full production house. But, making your own videos shouldn’t be that hard.

Videos are a surefire to catch your audience’s attention. In today’s fast-paced world, users would love to see all details at a limited time for that matter. Besides, they are catchy mediums to use for promoting your business.

Why you need videos for your business?

If the reason why you’re not incorporating videos on your marketing plan is that of the cost needed, then we’ll help you understand that it’s not necessary. After all, this content is considerably versatile.

  • They are catchy. They can easily get the attention of many online users. Videos can engage audiences in a different way unlike static images and blog posts. Come to think of it, it’s actually the combination of both – only that it’s moving.
  • Content ideas are easy. Low from generating content ideas? You can easily take photos, posts, and infographics, and turn them into videos.
  • Videos can be uploaded in different channels. Some content better stays on your website. Videos, however, can thrive in social media, blog, media channels, and more. Therefore, your brand message can be heard by different people across the web.

E-commerce website, Shopify, predicted that 80% of online users will watch video content by 2020. The growing need for this media makes the format a must-need for all businesses.

Making Your Own Videos

How to One on your own?

Investing in expensive equipment might help, but you don’t necessarily need it. You can start making your own videos at a lower cost until your business grows. Here are tips for producing your original content.

  • Create a story and place it on a storyboard on how you’re going layout the flow of the shooting.
  • Shoot the footage you need and create the audio.
  • Edit the footage with video software.
  • Upload and publish on social media.

You can always borrow a camera or use your smartphone to take shots of the scene. There’s also an alternative to shooting videos without really going outside.

How to make videos on a budget?

Media costs money and video-making are one of them. For small businesses, creating one is a daunting task. But people can still create videos without breaking the bank. How?

  • Find cheap camera. Don’t be tempted to buy the latest camera models in the market. When there’s a new camera out, there’s bound to be one that lowers its prices.
  • Borrow a camera. Can’t afford to buy one? If you know a friend who can lend a cam to you, then, by all means, use it wisely!
  • Use your smartphone. Today’s phones have HD camera integrated into its system. Besides, if you want to upload them to social media, your smartphone has all the specs needed to cater to those kinds of formats.
  • Make your own DIY toolkits. You’ll be surprised to know that many professionals are making use of old pipes and water bottles to make a tripod or stabilizer.
  • Use free software for editing. If you’re a beginner video editor, investing in free editing software would be the wisest choice. Most of them are easy to use and ready to be downloaded on the net. Best examples of these are Windows Movie Maker, OpenShot, Videopad, and iMovie.
  • Use online video makers. There are free online video makers nowadays that use templates or stock footages to be readily added and downloaded by marketers. They already include animations, video clips, and music.
  • Make a presentation instead. Adding photos, a voiceover, and some cool animation effects, you can actually make a pretty good presentation that looks like a video instead.

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