8 Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Sales Tremendously

How to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

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According to WPForms, there are about 24 million eCommerce by June 2020 with more being created every day. So, how are you able to compete and increase your eCommerce sales? You need your prospects to find your shop to sell your products and services.

Australia: Increase Your eCommerce Sales Scene

Did you know Australia ranks 10th as the largest eCommerce market globally? Australia has a booming eCommerce industry scene and about $28.6 billion are spent on online shopping for 2019. By 2021, the numbers are projected to grow to $35 billion and growing!

Statista projected that market penetration of 85% in 2021 will happen or more. That’s equivalent to over 22 million Aussies!

What’s more, the study shows that Australians prefer paying online or through cashless bases such as credit cards and PayPal. It’s forecasted that by 2023, about 37% of online payments will be done through digital wallets and apps. The buy now, pay later options are also rising with AfterPay and ZipPay leading the industry.

Benefits of Ecommerce to your business

Your business can benefit from eCommerce sales in a lot of ways because all you need to make it work is an Internet connection. This goes to say that eCommerce brings convenience to you as a business owner as well because you can even sell at the comfort of your own home since the transactions are all done online.

It lowers your costs in many different ways

Since you’ll be operating online, you will not need to pay rent and utilities. You can even cut down your staff because you won’t need as many as when you’re in a physical store.

It widens your reach

This happens without you even knowing because once your business is posted online, you allow anyone to search for you. It is a big advantage for your business because you have to post your products and you’ll never know it can be read by someone on the other side of the world.

It allows you to improve your customer service

Online platforms allow you to interact with your customers via instant messaging. You can personally address their inquiries and concerns because you can answer it directly.

Ecommerce made buying and selling easier with just a click of a button. It provides convenience and comfort for the buyers but as business owners. Learn to boost your sales with our tried and true tips!

How to increase your eCommerce sales

Posting your business and your products are not enough to drive sales to your business. You need to attract your customers to be interested in what you’re selling and to deem you as a trustworthy seller.

Market to your targeted audience

You get more results in eCommerce sales if you target the right market. When you do, you target people who are truly interested in your products and services. What’s more, by knowing your audience, you can further create products and services according to their needs. You also get to tailor your marketing strategies to what makes them tick and curious (purchasing behavior).

Publish customers’ reviews and testimonials

If you have a customer saying nice about your products, place them on your site to let prospects know that people love your offers. Reviews and testimonials serve as social proof that your brand is contributing to the community.

Place trust and security signals

Your prospects wanted to feel safe and secured when shopping in your store. By including trust and security signals, it’ll help bolster online sales and create a positive image that can overcome buyers’ hesitations when purchasing. Trust signals like Better Business Bureau Certification and secure website and payment channels will increase your eCommerce sales.

Build your brand

This is the first you need to do if you want to increase your eCommerce sales. There will be a lot of competitors in your field when you do e-commerce so you need to stand out. Your online presence is important to your prospective customers because this is how they find out about you.

Build your email list

You need to identify your sales lead first so that they can subscribe to your business. An email list is full of your prospective customers so you need to personalize the email you send to them for a higher chance of reading it.

Go mobile

According to PayPal’s latest commerce index statistics, about one in four Australians make purchases through a mobile device. If your website is not adapting to the mobile scene, you could lose a huge amount of prospects. According to Statista, about eight out of 10 Aussies go online for shopping. That’s how many prospects you earn if you go mobile.

Leverage online platforms

To increase brand visibility and eCommerce sales, you need to leverage online platforms such as social media channels, Google My Business listing, and other directory sites. Potential customers, who see you active online and are more engaged with existing customers, will likely

Do digital marketing

Your business is not the only one going online. You need to do digital marketing to gain sales. You can do this by placing advertisements that specifically target your buyers and by optimizing your shop in search engines. Search engine optimization will lead to high-quality traffic to your eCommerce shop.

To increase your eCommerce sales is a lot of hard work because you will need more than putting up an online presence to boost your sales. 

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