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SEO can help your business stand out online.

We are really passionate about the performance and SEO of our clients’ websites. You can have the most beautiful site in the world, but if no-one sees it, what really is the point?

Tools like GT Metrix and our FREE SEO AUDIT TOOL, can help give you a greater understanding of what can be improved on your website. What’s more, both these tools are FREE!

There are quite a few components when it comes to SEO. Keywords, Tags, Meta, Backlinks etc, etc. If you feel really confused by all this, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

SEO is really important for small business. Read on to see what you can do to make your website perform better and get more leads to your business. 

Benefits of a Free SEO Website Audit Report.

​What are the benefits of a Free SEO Website Audit Report?

A website audit is a comprehensive report analysing performance, speed, SEO, security, design and other aspects of your site.  There are lots of audits you can do for your site. There are many paid as well as free tools that will give you a good report so you can see the areas of your website you should fix and improve. You can even do your own audit, but we have made the process easy & free. There are often many fix-its for optimization opportunities and the report will help you identify these.

So, why get an SEO audit?

An effective SEO audit will reveal the problems and weaknesses in your SEO strategy as it performs technical analysis in both on-page and off-page practices. It’s critical to assess your website and have insights to tell you what’s working (and what isn’t) on your SEO strategy. SEO audits provide a measurement variable for active actions you can take and how you can boost your site to rank higher.

The 4 Pillars of SEO

Search Engine Land breaks down the 4 Pillars of SEO and explains how these 4 components affect the strength of a website within search engines. 

The 4 key components that make up the Pillars of SEO that you should consider are:

  1. Technical SEO: How well your content can be crawled and indexed by search engine bots.
  2. Content: Having the most relevant and best answers to a searcher’s question. Essentially, search engines want to return the most relevant and subject knowledgeable website to a user’s query.
  3. On-site SEO: The optimization of your content and HTML. This includes metadata, schema mark up, alt image tags etc.
  4. Off-site SEO: Building authority to ensure Google stacks the deck in your favour. Backlinks from quality websites, is a great way for the search engines to see your site is a trusted source of information. 

Of course, these 4 areas have some complexity and overlap, but understanding your strengths and weaknesses in relation to them is key to focusing your efforts.

A quality SEO Website Audit can give you the metrics and starting point to understand where you should focus your time and efforts. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the performance of a website and the technical aspects a search engine bot can read. All web pages are ranked prior to them being delivered to the end user’s search. It is really important to ensure the speed of a website page is under 5s. Images should be optimised to reduce loading time and also delivered on a lazy load method.

Security, caching, quality hosting, use of a CDN can all help optimize the website and get better rankings on search engines.


The focus here is optimising content for SEO to a level that it earns backlinks from authority websites and drives your Google rankings up. How do you do it?

SEO has come a long way, from being overrun by stuffed keywords, to now an industry dependent on quality content. What is now clear is that digital marketing is only as effective as the sum total of useful content. Clearly, content is king, but be warned, duplicate content is NOT ok. 

The most important strategy in content development is to focus on consumer needs. The biggest mistake people make is developing content for search engines rather than creating it for the end-user. In the SEO profession, we say to produce human first content.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO, is all about that – how the SEO has been presented on your site or each page. When search engines crawl a website, they are looking for certain elements to understand the full meaning of each page. 

There needs to be a certain amount of saturation of the keyword or long tail keyword. Items like meta descriptions, alt image tags, schema mark up are all really important too.

A search engine cannot see an image, they can however read the associated alt image tags to understand what a picture is of and how it relates to the page.

Using a tool plugin like Rank Math can help you to develop a strong on-page SEO strategy.

Internal linking also helps a search engine get a better understanding of your website and to determine where your page and website should be ranked. 

Off-Site SEO

An effective SEO audit will reveal the problems and weaknesses in your SEO strategy as it performs technical analysis in both on-page and off-page practices. It’s critical to assess your website and have insights to tell you what’s working (and what isn’t) on your SEO strategy. SEO audits provide a measurement variable for active actions you can take and how you can boost your site to rank higher.

Using the services of local Business Directories or other quality backlink sources is a great place to start.


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