Everything You Need To Know About Your FAQ Page

Everything You Need To Know About Your FAQ Page

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A frequently asked question page is a section in your website where you address common questions asked by customers. The FAQ page deals with specifics about the product and service you’re rendering.

Some of these examples are and as seen with Purple Cow digital marketing:

What are your payment terms?
How much will it cost for the website development?
Can you help me choose photos for my website?
And many more!

Benefits of an FAQ page

More than 90% of your web visitors visit your FAQ page. Now, this is the chance you can get to tell people about the technical details of your story! Not only that, your prospects would most likely stay on your website and buy your products if you placed your FAQ well.

Addresses your customer’s needs

The first and foremost use of an FAQ page is to tell the customers more about your product and service. It serves as a hub where all your prospects go because they need more information about what you do.

Improves sales

The main point of an FAQ is to talk more about the specifics of your products. Do you have any available colors? How long is the production time? Do you accept international orders? A more detailed explanation of what you have can have customers buying your wares.

Boosts SEO

Google loves FAQ pages because their bot can further understand the nature of your business. Write down interesting pieces about your company and the products you offer. By including keywords in the FAQ, you can leverage your site’s rankings.

Saves time

Do you want to be bothered by prospects emailing you all the time asking for answers to their questions? That will make you unfocused and unproductive on the tasks you’re supposed to. That’s why an FAQ page can help you save time because you can only direct them to that page where their questions are already being supplied.

Places you with trust factor

A customer trusts the credibility of a website especially those with FAQ pages. It allows them to connect with you since you just answered their questions. That’s they want to do business with you.

FAQ pages are where you can build wholesome relationships with your customers. By allotting time to build an FAQ section, you’ll surely reap the rewards of having converted customers.

Tips for making the best FAQ page ever

An FAQ page can make or break your relationship with the customer. If you want to create a well-defined questions page, here’s what you need to do:

Place common questions by the customer

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about the possible questions she or he may ask. For example, “Can we change the color of this design?” “How long will it takes to finish the article?” “Do you accept Paypal payments?”

Make it personal. Sometimes, FAQs are boring

You got to spice up the questions sometimes so that, to customers, the questions are personal to them. For example, at Purple Cow, “I have a website built with another web development agency. Can you handle updating my site?” The use of I and personal sentences makes it sound relatable to the customer’s problems.

Keep your facts current

You may not issue Paypal payment terms last year, but you are now this year. Place relevant and timely information on your FAQ page to avoid confusing customers.

Include call-to-action

You can place something like, “Get in touch with our creative team directly. Contact us now!” Tell your customers to contact you that if they have questions not discussed in the FAQ page. Also be ready when a customer buys your product because he or she might guidance along the way.

Include videos or photos to support customers

Adding visual cues to your FAQ can help customers getting around your site. This is most helpful with instructional pieces of information you need to give.

Link to your other web pages

Perhaps the answers to your customer’s question are found in the product pages. You can link those in your FAQ section so you can redirect people back to the product pages.

Organize your questions in similar groups or in order

To avoid confusion, organize your questions in an order where your customers can understand. You might also want to format your content to bulleted points for easy reading.

The takeaway

Like any website pages, your FAQ section should be written well to capture your audience’s attention. It should also communicate quality and professionalism at a conversational tone to make it interesting.

And then, that’s where you can make sales.

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