13 Awesome Tips in Creating Your Email Copy Every Time

13 Awesome Tips in Creating Email Copy Every Time

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Here are some considerations to think about when making a great email copy. Email marketing has been used in ages but it’s only now where marketers get to fully tapped its potential. About 90% of online shoppers open their emails every day.

Tips on creating email copy

Do you know what to write for your customers? By tapping those numbers, you can surely get enough sales conversions. But first, heed these tips in creating an email copy that catches the attention of your customers. So, where to start?

What your customers want

You must place relevant copy that solves their needs. It should answer what they’re looking for in a product or service and why, of all businesses, should they do transactions with you.

What frustrates your customers

Do you know what turns your customers off? Perhaps it’s a business’ customer service or their warranties and guarantees that never happened. Now, tell your customers what you can offer them to lessen their frustrations.

Who are your competitors

What businesses are selling products like yours? How can you be any different? You don’t want your prospects or customers see the same email copy or items that your competitors offered.

Email copy goals

What’s the purpose of your copy and how do you want customers to respond to your messages? If you can’t decide on what to write for the audience, then there’s little hope for them to be converted into customers.

Make a great headline

A boring title and headline would make your customers yawn and leave it unopened. Do you want that? No! Every headline crafted has a psychological and emotional appeal to your prospects. Even if you don’t know how to make an attention-grabbing headline, you can always look to the web for free sources like SEOpressor or CoSchedule.

Know your tone

Are being funny or serious? Let your customers know your intent by setting the tone of the copy. If you want to sound credible, don’t make your copy too confusing to prospects.

Tell a human-interest story

It could be yours or it could be a past customer’s, whatever it is, a human-interest story can be a great way to evoke emotions and trust in your customers. If they see another person got impacted by your products, they’ll likely try it too.

Add social proof

Customers need to see that your business is legit. Give them testimonials, product reviews, or a link to your social media channels. Shoppers trust a business where they can see your roster of activities.

Make it urgent

Making your product and services time-bound will have your customers rush into buying it. By adding a sense of urgency at a discounted price, it can drive conversions on the spot.

Layout and design

Don’t you know that layout and design can help your email copy stand out from the rest? We may not talk about grammar and spelling here, but it does help to point out emphasis and balance in your sales email.

These are some of the factors to be considered when you’re emailing to your list of subscribers.

Guarantee your products

Selling without a product guarantee can lose you some customers. Besides, most people do not ask for a full refund of the product they bought. Offer your customers a guarantee for longer time periods. Studies show that businesses experience fewer returns by then!


Email Automation

An email automation software would make your copy beautifully popped up with its custom or template themes and aspects. Email automation software has already embedded some common copy phrases that you just need to edit. So, you can easily now make a copy that catches your readers’ attention.

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