How to Market on Pinterest

How to Market on Pinterest

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Learn how to market on Pinterest with our awesome tips! Pinterest is a visual social media platform business owners should utilize to enhance their digital marketing strategy. If you think it’s just a pictorial channel and a feast for the eyes, you think wrong. More marketers are choosing Pinterest to advertise their business, blog, or book.

Reasons why you need Market on Pinterest

People are visual beings. Images often influence our life choices, actions, or purchasing decisions. Take every opportunity to use Pinterest to boost your online marketing efforts.

Pinterest has nearly 300 million active online users

According to leading statistics provider, Statista, there are 291 million monthly users around the world. One-third of the users are from the US, while the other 60 percent are international viewers. What’s more, Pinterest garnered 72 percent of awareness of trends and news this year. If you want to shout out your brand, Pinterest is one channel you need to be in to.

Link to the main landing page

Unlike Instagram, you can link the image to your website for visitors to know more of your product and service. This makes your image a lead-generation content to have more visitors on your website or YouTube channel.

Strong buying decisions, especially from women

In the same statistic study, about 80 percent of Pinterest users are female and the remaining 20 percent are male audiences. If you have products and services with demographics from women, consider creating visual marketing to them. Include men who want to buy items for their female friends, family, or loved ones, too.

About 30 percent of marketers are using Pinterest to Market

In January 2018, it was about 27 percent of digital marketers who use the platform to advertise their products or services. Some brands or blog sites use Pinterest for educational content. Fifty-one active users discover new brands and businesses alone on Pinterest. There has never been a better time to market on Pinterest.

Fashion and travel industries use Pinterest even more so To Market

Fashionable personas and travelers took to Pinterest for ideas and inspirations. While they dominate the top searches in the platform, trends in food, health, arts and crafts, and home are making a break this 2019.

Tips on how to market on pinterest

If you want to make a Pinterest marketing splash in the digital scene, you need to create a strategy to achieve your goals and objectives. Here are tips on how to market on Pinterest.

Use keywords in creating Pin Boards

Boards with excellent keywords will make it easier for users to reach your channel. Pinterest’s search algorithm has excellent search-match capabilities and search engine optimization (SEO) extension. What’s more, select a proper category for your board as well. Creating a solid base will help you grow your outreach as you market on Pinterest.

Create a short, on-the-point, and relevant description

Use proper description for your pin and keep it short and interesting. You don’t have to place all the narratives. Remember to leave your audience intrigued and tempted to visit your landing page. Add a link to your blog or business website and include a few hashtags if you want also.

Make content-rich pins

According to Pinterest, the top pins are videos, article, product photos, travel photos, and infographics. But no matter what type of media you’re using, make sure that the content valuable, informative, and interesting.

Embed your pins to your website and vice versa

Embed your pins on a blog to earn more re-pins. What’s more, getting people to re-pin a pinnable image on your website gets them to share your product or service even better. Hence building your brand as you market on Pinterest.

Make your boards collaborative

Have other pinners get engaged with yours. Through collaborative boards, you get to reach new audiences that can have an interest in your brand. They get to share the content of the same theme. With these kinds of boards, they get to trust your brand due to its communal support network of sharing what’s on their minds. This is the best way of engaging your business or brand with interested Pinterest users.

Share your pins to other social media channels

Make your pins shareable to other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. You want to get your message across platforms, wouldn’t you? You can easily share your pins to other social media sites with a click of a button.

Pin regularly

Pinterest recommends you to at least pin an image a day to make your channel looking updated. Heck, people want a regular and active channel they can engage to, so, why not devote at least 15 minutes of your time to market on Pinterest?

Try Pinterest Promote And Boost Your Marketing efforts.

Paid ads are the quickest way on how to market on Pinterest get noticed by the members of the community. It creates new exposure for your brand according to how much you’ve paid. What’s more, you’ll get 10 to 20 percent more organic clicks after a promoted post.

Best strategy for Visual Marketers

Now you know how to market your business on Pinterest. But, from the 291 million active users, how can you figure out the right audience? Determine whether your demographic market is part of the million people who use Pinterest. Do research and see how much people fall into your category. You can start making goals or objectives to catch your preferred audience.

For instance:

+ You want 70 percent of your audience as female young adults in their early 20s, and 30 percent of male individuals in their young adult age also.

+ You want to share lifestyle and health infographics to postpartum women suffering from depression.

+ You want to grow 1,000 more followers.

Once you understand your brand, you get to plan your content and execute them. Always refer to your analytics, so you can make changes on how to market on Pinterest.

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