Why You Should Do LinkedIn Marketing for Your Business

Why You Should Do LinkedIn Marketing for Your Business

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LinkedIn is a popular site for professionals and job seekers to grow their connections and careers. However, this social network can be a huge marketing opportunity in creating brand awareness and generating leads. Here’s why you should do Linkedin Marketing for your business.

Many people often overlook this platform to grow their business, but LinkedIn should be an important aspect in your digital marketing strategy as well. The platform may not be intimate or casual like Facebook or Instagram, but it shows prospects the capabilities of the business.

Why should you be on LinkedIn?

Small business owners can benefit greatly from being on the platform. It allows them to connect with like-minded professionals in a manner different from other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Here’s why you should get a personal and company page on LinkedIn.

1.Gain more exposure for your business.

2. Make networks with business leaders.

3. Recruit applicants for job openings.

4. Connect with people under the same industry as yours

5. Establish authority figure by writing and sharing articles

Many people are in LinkedIn for various reasons. But most of all, it serves as a great marketing platform for small businesses. Like most promotions, you need to have a marketing plan on how to gain exposure for your company.

How to market on LinkedIn

Do you want to start with LinkedIn marketing? Since the social network has a different audience and approach, you need a strategy to get their attention. Here’s a guide where you can navigate the platform.

Create a professional looking personal and company page

Professional doesn’t have to be boring. Curate your personal and company page by incorporating your brand personality into it. Create an impression where people need to connect with you or transact with your company.

Add relevant information like skills, achievements, services, and more. For your company page, add details about the business, your teammates, and company excursions throughout the business year.

Optimize your page for customer searching

LinkedIn’s audiences are more of professionals, job seekers, freelancers, and business owners. Every individual on the platform accounts in a certain industry. If you want to get discovered and grow your audience, you should optimize your page as search-friendly either off or on LinkedIn.

Insert keywords. Placing relevant keywords to your profile help raise your seo in LinkedIn. For example, you’re running a graphic design company and another business seeks B2B partnership with a digital artist and designer. Placing keywords and synonyms like Graphic Design, Graphic Artist, or Digital Illustrator can improve search results for your business.

Write relevant content. You can write relevant content from your company page as it is being indexed by Google also. You can even amp up your optimization by publishing Slideshare presentations. Even a regular update from you will help search readings understand your business.

Linking back to the company page. Make sure your profile and that of your employees’ link back to the company page. A linked in among your employees is a sign of a strong and professional company people want to connect with. Make sure your personal pages are well-updated.

Make your page consistent with your branding. The more active you are, the more you are well-searched on the platform. You should be dynamic in posting and keeping relevant information. Brand consistency is also needed likewise with your website and other social media profiles. That means, keep in check with the colors, graphics, and tone of your articles.

Claim your URL. Claiming a URL with your brand’s name will help you rank higher in most searches. It makes searches easier from your customer’s point. What’s more, your URL will help you rank better at Google SERPs when people are searching for your brand with relevant keywords on it.

Include media-rich content

When writing is not enough, you can embed images and videos related to your company. According to LinkedIn studies, businesses that include media content get more 98 percent share of engagement.

Meanwhile, YouTube videos shared on the platform racked 78 percent of engagement share. That’s because YouTube automatically plays your video on LinkedIn. Include your social media profiles as much as you can, too!

Get more followers

How can people get to know more about you? Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn proves to be more challenging, but it’s possible. Here are strategies to get more connections:

1. Add employees

2. Invite employees to have their colleagues, friends, professional contacts to follow your page

3. You can invite close current partners, clients, and their personnel

4. Display a LinkedIn button on your website

5. Promote your page in other social media platforms

6. Post content during the busiest times of day – mornings and noon

Join groups or make yourself one

If small business owners should connect with people relevant to their industry or target audience, it’s best to join groups in LinkedIn. The social platform allows you to join a max of 50 groups where you can soft sell your business.

This is one way of building relationships with clients and possible B2B partners. You can even invite members to connect with you on LinkedIn directly to further talk about your services.

Create ads on LinkedIn

The fastest way to get your message get noticed by your community is to create ad campaigns for your marketing goals. There are a lot of advertising options on LinkedIn such as Sponsored Content, Text Ads, and Sponsored InMail among many others.

For your ad campaign, you must understand your target demographics, bidding and budget options, and measurement tools. Either way, creating an ad on the platform will get you noticed by your target market.

Choose to use multi-language tools

If you have a global presence and wanted to reach customers where English is not the main language, you can opt to modify your language according to the user’s settings. LinkedIn offers 20 varieties of languages you can use to customize your page.

When you go multi-language, it amps up your seo as much as it creates credibility among LinkedIn users. It shows that you care enough to go beyond lengths to connect with them at an emotional level.

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