Facebook Ad Funnel and how it can grow Your Business?

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Growing your social media presence can take time. Organically, it can expound months before you can hit thousands of buying customers to your store. One way to speed up the process is to launch a Facebook Ad funnel for direct lead generation and sales conversion.

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What’s a Facebook ad funnel?

Facebook ads are similar to pay-per-click (PPC), where advertisers only pay when the audience clicks the ads. Many small business owners think that Facebook’s target campaigns are for reputable companies who can establish a budget to tailor their marketing strategies.

However, businesses of all sizes can launch a campaign within reasonable budget reach.

To be successful on an ad funnel, you’ll need to create a captivating content and set up advanced customization options to connect with your customers.

How to start your own Facebook ad campaign

If you want to know how to build a Facebook ad funnel, here are some basic steps you need to follow.

Understand your brand

Do you know the personality of your own business? Before creating an ad funnel, take into account your store’s tone, colors, photos, graphics, and vibe. That way, you’ll have an idea on who you’re advertising to, what you’re going to offer, and how to entice them to buy your goods.

Know your target audience

Facebook presents you with various metrics to narrow your target audience. You have to segregate them according to age, interests, location, gender, occupation, and more. If you’re targeting too vague, Facebook ads won’t be able to deliver your content well. Likewise, if you’re targeting a specific number in the community, your ads won’t be performing all too well either.

a. Target 80 percent of the advertisement to warm audiences. Warm audiences are those individuals who have already invested in your business or are interested to engage with you as of yet. They are generated leads waiting to be converted to loyal customers.

b. Target 20 percent of the advertisement to other prospects. Also, don’t forget to reach “lookalike audiences” or prospects that can be enticed into being a buyer. For an instance, if you’re selling body protection products mainly to athletes, you can market it also to the general public as an injury prevention merchandise.

Prepare content accordingly

Content development for your ad funnels is critical to your business growth. Content can be any of the following and according to your business:

a. High-quality articles. Business articles can be a feature story, human-interest, or ultimate guides which provide quality content that’s fresh, original, and relevant. Most businesses thought only bloggers or journalists do this, but they can harness the advantage of leveraging their status as an authority figure by creating content for their industry and soft sell their brand for it.

b. Video and link to website or merchandise. Facebook video marketing is a hot content on the social channel as it drives more engagement, viewership, and sales generation. You can make use of live videos, Facebook story videos for 24 hours, Facebook Power Editor, or create your own.

c. Images and link to website or merchandise. Multimedia content often gets the highest share of engagement. Using photos and linking them back to your website or e-commerce store is a sure guarantee to capture your audience’s attention.

d. Landing page. If you want your prospects to engage or transact with you, leading them to a landing page will be a great idea for them to know more of your platform. Your landing page can be your sales page, download page, or event registration to a workshop.

Set budget accordingly

We’ve stated that the Facebook ad funnel is a paid online marketing strategy perfect for businesses of all sizes. Small store owners can set their preferred ad spending to $1 a day. That’d be less than $10 a week if you set it at minimum expenditure.

Do A/B testing if possible

Is A/B testing on Facebook still a thing? Yes! A/B testing is a way of analyzing which ads work for your audiences. While you’re launching your main ad, you can kick start another one and see whether which among them has a higher engagement or buying potential.

Make use of metrics

Facebook has ad insights that specify how many people you’ve reached, have clicked the ad, or engaged with you. Use the report to improve or enhance your future ad campaigns. Since the social media giant launched Facebook Pixels to track your conversions from ads, you can make use of the collected data to remarket campaigns to another set of potential buyers.

Facebook Ad Funnels for faster targeting of customers

You might think that Facebook is one platform to have grueling competitions for your business. However, knowing your brand and optimizing content for a Facebook ad campaign is a surefire to grow your business.

Small business owners might be interested to know how their limited budget can create hundreds of interests and engagement from their prospects.

While organic social media presence can be a time-consuming process to gather buyers, a Facebook a funnel can help hasten and automate your marketing strategy.

You need to create creative, quality content for your marketing efforts and see growth on your social media campaigns over time.

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