Why Startups Need a Business Website Now

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Should your company have a business website? About 90% of your target audience is found browsing the web looking for products or services similar to yours!

Customers are turned off by businesses without a website. That’s because an online presence conveys credibility and a 24/7 access to information about your products and services.

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Why you should invest in a business website today

People are expecting it

A business without an online presence is no business at all – as so they say. People expect to have brands publish information about their services online. They all head straight to the website to fulfill that.

If you don’t have a business website today, you could lose potential customers.

Adds credibility and social proof

If your business has a website, to people it means that it’s totally legit. It adds credibility that your business is not, err, a shady one. More so, it provides social proof that other people have done business with you.

New customers would love to see you up and be running and with other people giving positive feedback about your company.

24/7 marketing strategy

No employee will work for you 24 hours straight in a day. A business website can do that. If you have an e-commerce website, a global audience can easily shop to their heart’s content even when you’re sleeping.

The fact that it’s responsive all throughout their shopping ordeal makes it hassle-free and reliable for customers.

Your competitors have them

Businesses that are similar to yours hog all the potential customers you want. Will you just let them have it all? If you’re not staying ahead of the competition, you just gave away your customers to another brand.

Customers start researching online and will deliberate their choices with those on what they see on the web. If you’re not in it, then they won’t choose you.

You can target a vast audience

You reach your local audience wider – especially those who are not in contact with your brand before. If you want to sell to a global market, your business website can reach them wherever they are.

Couple it with the right marketing strategies, then you’ll surely be flocked with loads of customers.

It’s cheaper in the long-term

Well, building a business website might cost you a lot when launching it, but for those with tech-savory skills, it can be expensive. With tons of CMS available nowadays like Joomla and WordPress, business owners can simply build their own website in an hour’s time.

You might try doing DIY, but you also need help with your web content and updates. At PurpleCow digital marketing, we work with whatever your budget is.

All in all, it can save you from paying building rent or office space, physical marketing materials, and equipment.

Shows up in Google local search results

Enlisting yourself in search engines and business directories, Google can crawl your site and understand better the locality of your products and services. Optimizing your Google My Business listing will have your company rank up when customers look for services like yours.

Common questions about having a website

As a business owner, you might have doubts when starting a website on your own or with a web developer. In order to get the best of this experience, here are questions to ask.

How much is the total cost?

How long will it take to finish?

Are there any services you can provide?

What information do you need from me?

Who owns the domain and hosting?

What will happen if the server is down or the site got hacked?

Do you offer training for new websites?

Do you need help with a business website?

We understand every business need, whether you have a startup or an established business. Our primary goal is to keep you ahead of your competition. We will help you plan a strategic approach depending on your business needs, then we will implement processes to help you be able to work on your business instead of just in it. From establishing your online presence and branding to maintenance and monitoring of your website, we assure you that our team is committed to providing you with the best service. Our web designs are fully responsive and designed for your audience to love.

We always go the extra mile to delight our clients. You can be assured that the quality of service, as well as the quality of our products, will always be top-notch. We guarantee you will love working with PurpleCow Digital Marketing.

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